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Helpdesk Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00am to 4:00pm
By Appointment
By Appointment

Immediate Issues

If you need immediate help please call the helpdesk at: 301-387-3027

We are located in the Technology Center, Room 319

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If you need to submit a ticket please send an email to helpdesk or submit a ticket online:
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Choosing Passwords


  • Use a combo of words, numbers, special characters, and both upper and lower case letters
  • Develop a mnemonic (clever) for remembering complex passwords
  • Replace letters with numbers. (use 1 instead of the letter i)
  • Replace letters with special characters. (use @ instead of the letter a)



  • Use password that are based on personal information
  • Use your username as your password
  • Use words that can be found in the dictionary
  • Use long combinations of keys on the keyboard that are next to each other (asdfjkl;)


Protecting Passwords


  • Change your password regularly
  • Choose passwords that you will remmeber
  • Use different passwords for different systems
  • Be alert for attachers attempting to obtain your password or other personal information via fake/spam phone calls, emails and/or text messages
  • Be alert for someone looking over your shoulder when typing your password
  • Always log off every program you are exiting
  • Always log off the comptuer you are using (even if its your own) when you are finished using it



  • Write your password down
  • Share or give your password with anyone
  • Store your passwords on your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc)
  • Just close the program you are using, log off of it