·         Created by the Garrett County Commissioners in 2006 to attend Garrett College
·         Full tuition scholarship for students pursuing a full-time academic degree or certificate program

For more information or to apply, contact the Financial Aid Office at 301-387-3025


·         Created by the Garrett County Commissioners in 2010 to attend Garrett College
·         Training opportunities through programs leading to nationally-recognized industry certification programs

For more information or to apply, contact the Continuing Education and Workforce Development Division at 301-387-3771


·         Legally documented resident of Garrett County for a period of 2 full years
·         Northern or Southern High School graduate, within the most recent school year
·         Dual-enrolled high school student approved for registration
·         Student or adult who received his/her GED within the most recent academic year
·         Student who has completed an approved home-school program

Download our GCSP Application here
All eligibility requirements must be met and final approval is at the discretion of Garrett College. For more information on the Garrett County Scholarship Program and eligibility requirements, please contact Financial Aid at 301-387-3025.

About the Garrett County Scholarship Program (GCSP)

In 2006, the Board of County Commissioners (Ernest J. Gregg – Chairman, Dennis G. Glotfelty – Commissioner and Frederick A. Holliday – Commissioner) recognized that the county's future economic well-being is dependent on having an educated, skilled workforce that is prepared to compete successfully for jobs in an increasingly competitive, global economy. For this primary reason, the GCSP was created.

Recognizing that the county's most important asset is its young people, the GCSP provides current Garrett County high school graduates equal access to post-secondary education and an equal opportunity for advancement. The goal of this program is to encourage graduates of Garrett County to participate in post-secondary education and training as a means of improving their earning power and quality of life. The immediate objective is for these graduates to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities by making an education affordable in terms of both time and money.

For many, the cost of education and training is a barrier to advancement. The Board of Garrett County Commissioners proposed a bold initiative to encourage residents of Garrett County to enhance their credentials and skills so that they can be the primary beneficiaries of the county’s economic future. With a more highly trained, educated, and skilled workforce, incomes in Garrett County will rise, and more young people will be able to remain in Garrett County, leading prosperous and productive lives.

Disclaimer: "Any errors in the statement of policy or fact shall not have the force of policy or regulation. Rules and regulations are governed by a Memorandum of Understanding executed between the Garrett County Board of Commissioners, the Garrett County Board of Education, and Garrett College and shall override all other documents and representations of the program or program elements unless Garrett College has rendered a specific and overriding regulatory decision at its sole discretion."

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