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Name Position Phone
Bowser, Christa Assistant Professor of Biology 301-387-3017
Caporale, Clemencia ASI Instructor 301-387-3324
Deniker, Carolyn Professor of Biology 301-387-3014
Dodge, Kevin Director & Professor of Natural Resources & Wildlife Technology 301-387-3328
DuBose, Jack Assistant Professor of English 301-387-3008
Foster, Tim Assistant Professor of Mathematics 301-387-3075
Friend, Ruth Adjunct Professor 301-387-3031
Griffith, Linda Associate Professor of Sciences 301-387-3103
Jenkins, Greg Professor of English 301-387-3122
Kapoor, Pramod Professor of Business 301-387-3018
Kasecamp, Emily Adjunct Professor 301-387-3046
Kasecamp, Terry Professor of Psychology 301-387-3005
Lewis, Richard Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology 301-387-3052
Lieberman, Michelle Assistant Professor of Sociology 301-387-3016
Logsdon, Michael Director of Adventure Sports 301-387-3333
Mason, Chrisi Adjunct 301-387-3149
Miller, Stacy P. Professor of Business & Economics 301-387-3058
Peterson, Therese Associate Professor of Adventure Sports 301-387-3327
Rached, Paul Assistant Professor 301-387-3077
Rawlings, Josiah Professor of Cyber Security 301-387-3108


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