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Name Position Phone
Folk, Kimberly Administrative Associate 301-387-3787
Fowler, Susan Continuing Education Program Coordinator 301-387-3087
Friend, Denise Coordinator of Distance Learning and Instructional Design 301-387-3125
Friend, Sarah Secretary 301-387-3064
Gale, Maney Administrative Assistant 301-387-3086
Garlitz, Nancy 301-387-3105
Gauntz, Jack Professor 301-387-3753
Graham, Katie Administrative Assistant 301-387-3036
Gray, Stacy Office Associate II 301-387-3153
Hackett, Carrie 301-387-3061
Harvey, Andrew Financial Aid Counselor 301-387-3025
Hinebaugh, Kearstin Administrative Associate 301-387-3131
Holler, Stacy Coordinator of Marketing and Public Relations 301-387-3045
Keller, Mary 301-387-3023
Kipp, Tricia 301-387-3197
Knepp, Marcia Executive Assistant to the President 301-387-3056
Lowdermilk, Cindy Faculty Secretary 301-387-3079
Mason, Chrisi Admissions Recruiter 301-387-3127
Mayles, Trisha Staff Accountant 301-387-3062
McDonald, Mark Assistant Coordinator of Residence Life 301-387-3163