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Name Position Phone
Menear, Shelley Coordinator of Security 301-387-3037
Meyers, Connie Program Director for Continuing Education and Workforce Development 301-387-3084
Meyers, Jeanne Executive Secretary to the Dean of Academic Affairs 301-387-3054
Murphy, Randy 301-387-3144
Myers, Sarah 301-387-3771
Newman, Carol 301-387-3088
Newmann, Kym 301-387-3749
Pool, Madonna Counselor 301-387-3743
Putnam, Stephen CARC Director 301-387-3784
Rexroad, Susan Business Office Assistant 301-387-3089
Reynolds, Jami Director of IT 301-387-3035
Richardson, Scott Professor 301-387-3323
Rush, Jenna Registration Assistant 301-387-3136
Schrier, Hugh 301-387-3098
Schwinabart, Rhonda Coordinator of Academic Support 301-387-3741
Sheaffer, Ellen Cataloger/Systems Librarian 301-387-3003
Smith, Sue Administrative Assistant 301-387-3007
Stallings, Scott Graphic Designer 301-387-3134
Stem, Susan 301-387-3135
Stevanus, Linda Webmaster