At Garrett College, we’re proud to offer a wide range of courses leading to a variety of Certificates, or Associate’s Degrees. Students major in fields that include Adventure Sports, Business and Information Technology, Education, Fine and Performing Arts, General Studies, Juvenile Justice, Liberal Arts, Mathematics and Science, Natural Resources and Wildlife Technology, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Each class is taught by a credentialed faculty member who brings energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to the classroom. Faculty work hard to ensure that a variety of learning modes are incorporated so that students see each subject from a variety of angles. Simultaneously, faculty and administrators strive to ensure that students are fully aware of each course’s transferability to four-year colleges and universities, just as they strive to ensure that students gain experiences invaluable to the workplace. For that reason, several degree programs offer practica and internships, while others incorporate introductions to the career opportunities unique to each degree.

Additionally, faculty and administrators regularly meet with their counterparts at four-year institutions to discuss emerging trends in academic fields and to update courses so that Garrett students are constantly exposed to the cutting edge as well as to the traditional aspects of a college education.

Each year, Garrett graduates out-perform students from most other community colleges in Maryland, historically ranking 1 or 2 in terms of their GPA at transfer institutions, just as they enjoy great success in the workplace. Whether your goal is to take a course for personal interest or to take the first steps towards a college degree, Garrett College offers exciting and invaluable opportunities for you to learn.

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