Visual Tour Slated of Rain Forests in Central America

The Joan Crawford Lecture Series at Garrett College will continue with a presentation by Peter Skylstad, Professor of Natural Resources and Wildlife Technology (NRWT), titled “Siempre Adelante: Walking in Humboldt’s Footsteps –A Tour Through the Rainforests of Costa Rica,” on Wednesday, March 12, at noon in Room 224.

Skylstad’s presentation will feature slides taken during his intersession courses over the past several years at sites in the rain forests of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Offered annually the NRWT field study course draws not only Garrett College students, but students from major universities across the country.

The title of Skylstad’s presentation reflects his philosophy of education and life. “Siempre Adelanate is Spanish for Always Forward. It is how we must move. However, it is vitally important that we know where we came from in order to know where we are going,” he noted, underscoring the importance of blending history and science.

The lecture title refers to Alexander von Humboldt, a 19th century naturalist who was the first European to study the physical sciences in Central and South America. He viewed nature holistically creating enduring foundation for others who would follow this scientific approach including Charles Darwin.

For more information on the Joan Crawford Lecture Series persons may contact Beth Luers at 301-387-3020.

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