Cults, Nazism, Indoctrination to be Explored

The Joan Crawford Lecture series at Garrett College (GC) will present “Cult Indoctrination and Nazism” by GC adjunct instructor of Psychology and Social Sciences Mark Bennear on Wednesday, April 16, at noon in Room 224 on the McHenry campus. This lecture is offered free-of-charge and is open to the public.

Bennear, who holds a Master of Science degree in counseling psychology, explained some of the concepts he will include in his lecture. “My presentation will explore the ways in which initiation into and membership within the Nazi Party during the rise of the Nazi party in Germany bears resemblance to the process and phenomenon of indoctrination into cults, such as the infamous Jim Jones or Jonestown cult and/or the Order of the Solar Temple. The organizations differ, sometimes vastly, but the process via which people are drawn in, manipulated, and, to one degree or another, trapped is often similar,” he said.

For more information on this or other presentations in the Joan Crawford Lecture Series one may contact series coordinator Beth Luers, GC Professor of Humanities, at 301-387-3020.

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