GC Foundation Board Expanding Alumni Activities

With the goal of recognizing the invaluable role that alumni play in the growth and development of Garrett College (GC), members of the GC Foundation Board of Directors established the Alumni Relations Committee.

Initial discussions were sparked by the desire of board members to expand the scope of activities that would involve Garrett College alumni. Early efforts were spearheaded by GC Foundation (GCF) Board members Doug Stanton and Joyce Bishoff, both alumni of Garrett College. First on their agenda was to seek out and identify others who would be interested developing the GC alumni network.

When Stanton retired from the GCF Board, another member, Greg Stoner stepped forward to assist with work already underway. Though not an alumni of GC, Stoner offered his experience working with the alumni association of Hagerstown Community College (HCC). With community interest established the new Alumni Relations Committee of the GCF Board organized under the leadership of co-chairs Bishoff and Stoner.

The Alumni Relation Committee quickly expanded to include a broader scope of alumni and also included several members of the GC community. Committee members currently include alumni Bishoff, ’84, co-chair, Rob Michael, ’74, Linda Fike ’71, Julie Peterson ’89, Katie Graham ’91, Kalie Ashby ’07, co-chair Greg Stoner, plus Dr. George Brelsford, GC Dean of Student Life, Cherie Krug, Executive Director of GCF, and Ann Wellham, GC Dean of Marketing and Enrollment.

With the new committee in place, forward momentum was generated by Stoner inviting the director of the HCC Alumni Association to present ideas on growing the GC Alumni Association to the committee members. Following this seminar, Alumni Relations Committee members attended a retreat to reaffirm their roles and map out a course of action. In addition a mission statement for the group was delineated.

Bishoff described the direction in which the Alumni Relations Committee is now moving. “The Committee’s role is to engage and involve our alumni in GC programs and events and provide a social network. The mission of the Association is to promote the mission of Garrett College. The Association will foster and enhance positive relationships with the community, and will encourage alumni to promote GC in their social, business and professional relationships,” she said.

Stoner noted some of the projects that the Alumni Relations Committee is developing. “We are establishing more alumni activities that dovetail with existing countywide events to include such things as an expanded presence during Autumn Glory celebrations in addition to the Agricultural   Fair. We are also developing two honorary recognition awards for alumni. While we have been in this formative phase of the Alumni Relations Committee, it has been very helpful to have Rob Michael working with his. He was driving force in the creation of the GC Alumni Association and has been like an advisor to the committee in these initial steps,” he said.

Garrett College President Dr. Richard MacLennan noted his appreciation for the efforts of these committee members. “I applaud the dedicated efforts of the members of the Alumni Relations Committee in reaching out to include former students and alumni in the Garrett College experience. This allows our alumni to continue participating in Garrett College’s positive impact on the community,” he said.

Bishoff noted that there are many ways for alumni to be involved with Garrett College. “We encourage all former students to get in touch with the Garrett College Alumni Association and be part of this growing organization,” she said.

To learn more about the GC Alumni Association or making a gift to the Alumni Fund, one may contact the GCF office at 301-387-3131.
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