The "Buzz" at the Hive Continues to Increase

Opened in February of this year, the Garrett Coworking Hive was envisioned as a place to allow entrepreneurs, freelancers, and split-location workers in Garrett County with a secure, cost-effective space from which to interact and meet other individuals, share ideas, and utilize the features of the Garrett Information Enterprise Center (GIEC) on the Garrett College (GC) campus in McHenry. It appears to be working.

Tenants of the Garrett Coworking Hive represent diverse interests. A day or evening visitor to the Hive might see software developers writing programs, consultants “attending” global webinars, local entrepreneurs leveraging the broadband Internet connectivity to send large files, or non-profit interns coming together to plan and implement a world-class sporting event.  

Termed by some as “the start-up garage of the 21st century,” coworking hives are taking off in the USA and internationally. The reasons are many, and include: cost savings, interaction with others, idea flow, internet connectivity, convenience, and access. Talking to some of the current Garrett Coworking Hive tenants would seem to reinforce those reasons for global success.

Fred Fox, who is a Technology Consultant benefiting from the coworking hive at GC, explained his reasons for using this working environment. “I grew up in Garrett County and now live downstate in Potomac, with a second home at the lake, and other family and business interests in the county.  I took advantage of the Hive for its convenience, services, and especially the 24/7 internet connectivity. It’s very cost-effective for me as an independent consultant and for the companies I support,” he said.

Local business owner Jessica Fike also selected space in the GC Hive and pointed out one of the major benefits she derives from the venue. “I own and run a photography business in my home in Accident, Md. Since satellite internet is my only option, I am grateful for the new Hive and its high-speed internet. The broadband availability is key for my business so I can upload image files for clients and market my business online. The Hive has been a lifesaver,” Fike explained.

Patrick O’Brien is employed as a Chief Information Officer. He said he chose the Garrett Hive for the lifestyle it affords him. He notes that it is working so well that it may spawn future business growth for Garrett County. “The Hive has enabled my colleague and me to maintain our employment with a downstate defense contractor while allowing us and our families to live in Garrett County and enjoy the great quality of life here. The president of our firm visited the Hive recently, and was so impressed that he is looking to possibly expand our presence in Garrett County, and is even considering a second home here for his family,” he said.

For software executive David Wampler the Hive offers more than just the high-tech support he wants for his business. I am the Software Development Manager for an Engineering Services company. I use the Hive for access to high speed internet and a casual business atmosphere. The Hive has enabled me to overcome the lack of full high-speed Internet coverage in the county,” he said.

 Another tenant of the Hive is Dawn Beitzel who is event manager for a world championship canoe and kayak event coming to Garrett County in the fall. She has also commented on a scope of benefits the Hive environment provides. “As Deep Creek 2014 builds to the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships in September we are using a number of interns and volunteers. The Hive has given us flexible, cost-effective space to provide colocation and connectivity to our people. We love it,” she said.

The number of Garrett Hive coworkers continues to grow as does the number of inquiries about the availability of services and space. Information on the Garrett Coworking Hive as well as about other opportunities for entrepreneurial support and education at Garrett College may be accessed by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 301-387-3167.
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