Garrett College CARC Hits 500th Membership

The membership roster of Garrett College Community Aquatic & Recreation Complex (CARC) recently reached the 500 mark and is continuing to grow. With these memberships including both individual and family, the actually number of members is far greater number over 1300 members.

The CARC multi-tiered membership fee structure allows community residents to select the payment method that best suits their life-style, according to CARC Director Shawn Noel. “I think having so many options makes membership easily affordable and, of course, the benefits make it a great value,” he said.

Noel also explained that the membership fees support the operation of the CARC. “So building and maintaining a strong member base is essential to providing quality services to the greatest number of people,” he added.

Dr. Richard MacLennan, president of Garrett College, said he is very pleased to see CARC memberships reach this level so quickly. “I think this underscores the success of the CARC as a community resource. After all, it is the local community members who have backed this venture from vision to reality. At Garrett College we are proud to be able to provide a place for individuals and families to come together for healthy and enjoyable recreation. Garrett County residents have long needed this facility and all the opportunities it offers. The rapidly rising membership numbers reflect the positive response of the community. We look forward to continuing to grow in the future and to provide the excellent services that our members deserve,” he said.

More information on the Garrett College Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex is available on the CARC website at or by calling 301-387-3786.

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