I Can Swim: Broad Ford Elementary

Tammy Lottman’s Broad Ford Elementary School kindergarten class, accompanied by long-term substitute teacher Marcus Rugg took part in the water safety training of the “I Can Swim!” program at the Garrett College Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex. The proud students display their certificates of completion. Pictured here, in row one from left to right, are Jade Kahl, Gwendolyn Norris, Makenna Hawk, Logan Mcrobie, Caden Bolyard, Joshua Velasquiz, Noah Ferguson, and Nicholas Ritchey. In row two in the same order are Trenton Darr, Katie Kordyban, Jayden Suesli, Adam Likar, Zacchaeus Bently, Layla Ali, Cole Glotflety, Eve Brad, Chrissa Hardesty, Caden Moats, and Lincoln Friend. In row three are Marcus Rugg, Bryonna Butler, Mariah Legeer, Jonathon Ray, Ashlyn Leader, Cameron Whitacre, James Smith, Savannah Davis, Anthonie Lewis, and Max Granke.

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