GC CEWD Earns High Marks for Contract Trainings

It is not just the students who receive report cards indicating success or failure in the classroom. Garrett College Continuing Education and Workforce Development (CEWD) division recently released results on the survey sent to groups which have participated in Contract Trainings at GC during fiscal 2012. Those responding to the survey were asked to grade the CEWD performance.

Jean Tressler, Coordinator of Operations for CEWD, explainedthat contract trainings are specifically designed to meet the needs of employees of a company or members of an organization. The training can be customized or pre-established.  “In other words, we may do American Heart Association CPR/First Aid or we may be asked to develop something specific to the group’s needs,” she said.

Tressler went on to explain that the inquiries sent out to training participants comply with the type of reporting required within her department. “We have a number of state required Performance Accountability Report (PAR) indicators specific to Continuing Education & Workforce Development.  Contract training is one of those PAR indicators for which we must provide annual data to the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC).  We received extremely positive feedback from the most recent survey,” she said. 

The required survey data items include the number of clients surveyed; the number responding; employer satisfaction; met objectives; and future use of Garrett College. Survey forms were sent out to 33 employers who held trainings through CEWD during the specified period. Of these 33, 21 were returned. “That means we have a 64% response rate; 95% are very satisfied with 100% noting that they were either very satisfied or satisfied; 100% stated that objectives were met; and 100% said they would use the college again,” Tressler reported.  

Julie Yoder, Dean of Continuing Education and Workforce Development, said she was very pleased with the results of the survey. “We want to ensure that we are meeting the needs of local employers, organizations, and associations that we serve. To do this, we go beyond the basic required questions for the survey and seek additional information that may help us continue to enhance the quality of the contract training experience we provide,” she said.

The roster of clients served during the past year, ranging from county government to private industry, includes both small and large groups with different space and equipment needs, Yoder pointed out. “It is our job in CEWD to tailor each training session to the specific dynamics of the group. Our program coordinators work closely with the contractors to know as much as possible about the groups and the expectations of the organizers,” she said.         

Among the clients served this year are Railey Realty; Garrett Container Systems, Inc.; Mettiki Coal, LLC; Garrett County BOE; Department of Housing & Community Development; Garrett County Community Action; Garrett County Early Childhood Professional Association; Delta Kappa Gamma; Steyer Fuel; Beitzel Corporation; Pillar Innovations, LLC; Maryland Salem Children’s Trust; Team River Runner; Maryland Energy Resources; and Garrett County Health Department.

Team River Runner training organizer Dana Larcenaire praised Garrett College for the extended training her group experienced. “The facilities have worked perfectly for our needs. Working with the staff, particularly Sue Fowler, has been a real joy,” she said.

Delta Kappa Gamma has contracted with Continuing Education & Workforce Development for a number of events and meetings. Ann Frantz, who coordinates the events for DKG made the following comment: “The professionalism of the staff and their attention to detail has always been exceptional,” she said.

Todd Schneider, training coordinator for Pillar Innovations LLC, works with Garrett College frequently to provide training for employees. “The staff is always helpful and accommodating,” he noted.

To learn more about contract trainings at Garrett College persons may call 301-387-3069.

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