Graduate of GC Attempts Everest

Garrett College Adventure Sports Management graduate Marcello Gris, of Brazil has set out for the Himalayan Mountains to climb Mt. Everest. Departing for Katmandu, Nepal, tomorrow, March 29th, he will then fly to Lukla to begin his hike to the Everest basecamp. The Adventuresports Institute of Garrett College has supplied some of the gear he will use in this endeavor.

Grisi said he plans to climb to the top. “But I would be happy to reach 26,240 feet,” he said. Everest is 29,035 feet high. Previously he has climbed Aconcagua in Argentina, which is the highest peak in the Americas, reaching 22,894 feet.

Grisi is both an American and Brazilian, as he was born in the U.S. while his father was pursuing his PhD at Madison University. When Marcello was a young man, his father visited the Garrett College campus, learned about the Adventure Sports degree, and told Marcello that this was the perfect degree for him.

Though he already held a Masters degree in Business from the Veiga de Almeida (university), Grisi followed his father’s advice and entered Garrett College in 2002 and completed his degree in 2004.

After Grisi returned to Brazil, he worked for local adventure businesses and found they did not practice sustainability, “Leave No Trace” principles, or risk management practices. His dissatisfaction with this situation led him to become an entrepreneur and start his own business, Nao Deixando Rastros, which means “leaving no trace behind.” His business practices the principles lacking in his former employment, including paying his employees good wages.

Located on an island about 20 minutes off the coast of the Rio Grande in Brazil, Grisi’s clients can go zip lining, hiking, and waterfall climbing. In addition, he works with people with disabilities, such as the blind and those with down-syndrome, which has been the most rewarding part of his business, he said, because of the joy of the participants. “I hold this part of my work close to my heart,” he noted.

He has since referred to the impact on his life of his Garrett College education. “It has been the corner stone of my business,” he said. Mike Logsdon, Director of the Garrett College Adventure Sports program and Adventuresports Institute commented on Grisi’s drive and determination to achieve his goals. “He’s the model of what we want our students to pursue if their goals are to have a career in Adventure Sports. Marcelo has really brought together his love of Adventure Sports and creating a viable business that is important to his local economy,” he said.

Anyone interested in visiting Marcelo Grisi’s English site, may go to For more information on the Garrett College Adventure Sports program may call 301-387-3330.
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