Academic Standing

Students at Garrett College are expected to take responsibility for their own academic success and degree achievement. This includes making satisfactory progress each semester towards completion of their academic program. Students who are satisfactorily completing their academic program requirements are considered to be in good academic standing. Students must maintain good academic standing in order to be eligible for graduation, and in many cases, to be able to transfer to another institution. Academic standing may also affect athletic and financial aid eligibility. Important Note: As required by Federal regulations, students receiving financial aid are subject to additional standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress. A student who does not achieve the standards for Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress could lose his/her funding. Refer to the Financial Aid section of the College website for more information.

Academic standing is calculated at the end of the fall and spring semesters, and is determined by the number of credit hours attempted and the student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA). Note that developmental courses, which are not considered college-level courses and do not count towards hours earned, are used in the grade point calculations and subsequently the assessment of academic standing.

Good Academic Standing

Good academic standing means that a student is making satisfactory progress toward the completion of his/her degree. A student is in good academic standing if (s)he meets the following standards:

0-15.99 credit hrs attempted and CGPA of 1.50 or greater

16-28.99 credit hrs attempted and CGPA of 1.75 or greater

29+ credit hrs attempted and CGPA of 2.00 or greater

Academic Probation

When a student fails to meet the requirements for good academic standing, (s)he is placed on academic probation (or is academically dismissed if already on probation). Students placed on academic probation work with an Academic Success Advisor to develop a plan for returning to good standing. Failure to attain good academic standing while on probation will result in dismissal from the College.

Continued Probation

A student on academic probation who earns a semester grade point average of 2.0 or higher but still has a cumulative grade point average below that required for good academic standing will continue on academic probation.

Academic Dismissal

A student who is on probation and in the following semester does not meet the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) standard to be removed from probation will be academically dismissed from Garrett College. To allow time for reflection and revelation regarding his/her academic performance, an academically dismissed student will be required to spend one year away from the College from the time of dismissal.

Students have the right to appeal their academic dismissal, as outlined in the procedures which follow. However, careful consideration should be given as to whether immediate reinstatement is appropriate. Academic dismissal is not a punishment; it is a consequence of repeated poor performance. Students who have reached this point are removed from the College to allow time to reflect on factors causing poor performance. Rather than appeal for immediate reinstatement, students are encouraged to use this time to evaluate their academic/professional goals, to address the challenges that contributed to poor performance, and to formulate a plan for return when better positioned for success.

If a dismissed student has pre-registered for the Intersession or Summer semesters, (s)he will be administratively withdrawn from those semesters(s). A dismissed student who is pre-registered for the upcoming Fall (or Spring) semester may remain enrolled in that semester pending an appeal; if the student does not submit an appeal by the published deadline, (s)he will be administratively withdrawn from the upcoming Fall or Spring semester.

Reinstatement to the College

Once the dismissal period has lapsed, an academically dismissed student will be automatically reinstated to the College; no further review is required. The student may make an appointment with his/her Academic Success Advisor to discuss a plan for success and register for classes. (Students having been away from the College for two or more years along with students who have attended another institution during their absence, must first reapply for re-admission to Garrett College. Contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

Reinstated students return to the College in a probationary status and must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress by attaining good academic standing or by minimally achieving a semester gpa of 2.0 in the reinstatement semester or be subject to Academic Dismissal.

Appeal of Academic Dismissal

An academically dismissed student who feels that extenuating circumstances warrant reconsideration of his/her status may complete the Academic Dismissal Appeal packet requesting reinstatement before the end of the dismissal period. The appeal packet provides a process where the student can reflect on past performance and recognize/commit to areas of improvement.

A board of College faculty and staff reviews the appeal packets and makes decisions regarding potential reinstatement. The decision of the Academic Dismissal Appeals Board is final and no further appeal is possible.

Appeals are reviewed twice a year, in January and in June and students may appeal in either session. Strict deadlines for filing an appeal are adhered to so as to allow the Board time for a comprehensive review. A student must submit his/her appeal before the published deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to adhere to the appeal deadlines; students will not be reinstated without panel review and ad-hoc reviews will not be granted.

Directions for filing an appeal are included in the dismissal notification letter sent to the student and are available on the College website. A notification letter is sent to the mailing address on file in the Office of Records and Registration and emailed to the student’s College email account. A student’s failure to provide a current, accurate mailing address or to check his/her College email account is not an adequate defense for not filing an appeal on time.

A student whose appeal is granted may return only in the Fall or Spring semester. The student returns to the College in a probationary status and must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress by attaining good academic standing or by minimally achieving a semester gpa of 2.0 in the re-instatement semester or be subject to Academic Dismissal.

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