Student Code of Conduct

All enrolled students at Garrett College are required to follow all College policies and procedures and are required to conduct themselves at all times in a professional, ethical, and appropriate manner.

Students are expected to meet the standards of behavior, including academic behavior, as outlined in the Student Handbook, page 30, 2015-2016 and the College Catalog.

Code of Conduct will be subject to Student Conduct Review and may be subject to sanctions. Students should be aware that sanctions may include removal from the residence halls and/or the College for a period of time or permanently.

Details of the Student Code of Conduct, Student Conduct Review, and sanctions can be found in the Student Handbook. Students are responsible for knowing the code, the review process, and possible sanctions. Failure to become knowledgeable is not an affirmative defense for violation of the code.

Student Handbook 2015-2016 (pdf)