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Returning Students
Beginning Fall 2010, users will have one password for campus computers (network), email, and Blackboard. Your Blackboard and email password will be defaulted to your network password. Learn more>

Distance Learning Contact Information
Distance Learning Coordinator

Is an Online course right for you?

Distance Learning, or Online, courses are not for everyone. They require a unique commitment from you. To succeed in DL classes, you must be motivated, have good time management skills, and possess self-discipline. Distance learning courses are not easier or harder than on-campus courses, but they do require a special kind of dedication. Read more about taking Online courses.

Blackboard Assistance

If you are having problems with a class on Blackboard, contact your instructor immediately.
Other Inquiries should be emailed to:
Phone: (301) 387-3155 (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Thursday)