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Garrett Institute for Lifelong Learning

Garrett Institute for Lifelong Learning

If you have a curious mind and love learning, please join this like-minded group. There are no entrance requirements, no tests and we do not grade - this is learning just for the fun of it!


GILL is a member driven organization whose mission is to enrich lives by offering a wide variety of stimulating educational, cultural, and social programs geared toward a diverse community of adults primarily 50 + years, but open to all.


GILL is administered by its own Board of Directors, run in affiliation with the Continuing Education and Workforce Development division of Garrett College, supported through membership and program fees. Members work together to determine the interests and needs of the group. A program committee is then charged with the tasks of bringing the class to fruition- finding instructors, defining the scope of curriculum and other logistical duties.

Not a member? Join Now! Contact 301-387-3069.

Spring 2018, April - June

GILL Course Descriptions

Date: Wednesday, May 16

Time: 12:00–2:00pm

Instructor: Ann Stuck

Location: Unos

Cost: free except for the cost of your meal

Whatever the name, this lunch and discussion session is always a winter favorite. Get together to enjoy casual talk about whatever interests/intrigues YOU (generally avoiding politics and religion) while at the same time enjoying lunch. It’s a nice way to get to know other GILL members.

Date: Thursdays, May 17 and 24

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Instructor: Jay Clark

Location: SOC

Cost: $18

This presentation is designed for those interested in the Battle of Gettysburg. The first session will offer an overview of the campaign with an emphasis on the three-day battle. The second session will focus on certain topics with additional issues chosen by the class. Jay Clark is a former National Park Ranger who worked for years at Gettysburg and also at the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

Date: Tuesday , May 22

Time: 11:00–12:00pm

Instructor: Nadine Jakubowski

Location: Meet at Deep Creek McDonalds at 9:30am to car pool to Cumberland

Cost: $12

The Emmanuel Episcopal Church of Cumberland, Maryland in Cumberland's Historic District is built on the foundations of Fort Cumberland, where George Washington began his military career; and earthwork tunnels remaining from the fort run under the church. These tunnels were later used as a station on the Underground Railroad The cornerstone of the current native sandstone building was laid in 1849 and completed in 1851. The church contains original Tiffany stained-glass windows from three different periods and a scale model of Fort Cumberland.

Date: Wednesday (rain date Thurs May 31), May 30

Time: 10:00am–1:00pm

Instructor: Sue Fowler

Location: Meet at SOC to car pool to the Maze

Cost: $9

Come along to explore one of Garrett County’s amazing natural wonders. (It’s known by some as Garrett County’s own Stonehenge.) A 12 minute hike on mostly level ground leads to a rise with a limestone outcropping that has worn into a maze of magical paths to explore. Bring your camera and picnic lunch.

Date: Thursday, June 7

Time: 9:30-11:30am

Instructor: Dick Carroll

Location: SOC

Cost: $12

Through film and discussion, participants will examine how the Cherokee Nation was forced to leave their native lands in Georgia and relocate to what is now the state of Oklahoma (a trek known as The Trail of Tears) despite a Supreme Court ruling in their favor.

Date: Saturday, June 9

Time: 8:00-5:00pm

Instructor: Sue Fowler (Bedford native!)

Location: Meet at Deep Creek McDonalds at 8:00am to car pool to Bedford

Cost: $9 seniors, $10 adults, $5 kids

This living history village brings the past into the present. Over 30 buildings showcase life in the 1800s. This weekend commemorates the 155th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam and hundreds of troops and horses will reenact a Civil War battle. We’ll visit their camps and witness a battle complete with cannons. As time allows we may visit the quaint little town of Bedford for a meal or to take a peek at the quilt shops and antique stores.

Date: Wednesday, June 13

Time: TBA

Instructor: Ann Davidson

Location: 625 Doer Rd. Accident, MD

Cost: $6

The farm currently has over 1500 lavender plants with 15 different varieties of English lavender in shades of purple and white. Anne Davidson will tell us how to grow and care for the plants and how she dries and produces some of the lavender products such as candles, jams and jellies and body products. We have timed this visit to coincide with the lavender bloom season. You are also invited to pack a picnic lunch. There are various picnic tables placed around the farm.

Sessions are free to GILL members, but registration is a must 301-387-3781

Schedule at a Glance


  • M,W,F, Pickleball, 3:00 pm, S.O.C.
  • 4/19, Himalayan Salt Cave, 9:00 am, McHenry
  • 4/24, Stories Around Us, 4:00 pm, S.O.C.


  • M,W,F, Pickleball, 3:00 pm, S.O.C.
  • 5/2, Mah Jongg, 10:00 am, McHenry
  • 5/9, Windmills, 12:15 pm, S.O.C.
  • 5/17 & 5/24, Battle of Gettysburg, 6:00 pm, S.O.C.
  • 5/17 & 5/24, Battle of Gettysburg, 6:00 pm, S.O.C.
  • 5/22, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 9:30am, Deep Creek McDonalds
  • 5/30, Rock Maze, 10:00am, S.O.C.


  • M,W,F, Pickleball, 3:00 pm, S.O.C.
  • 6/7, Jackson and the Cherokees, 9:30 am S.O.C.
  • 6/9, Old Bedford Village, 8:00 am, Deep Creek McDonalds
  • 6/13, Lavender Farm, time TBD