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Cybersecurity: Network Administration

Do you want to join the fight against cybercrime? Do you like the sounds of protecting computers from unauthorized access or destruction? If you are passionate about technology and want to have help others from having their private information stolen, a career in cybersecurity may be the right decision for you.

Why choose the Network Administration concentration for Cybersecurity?

Garrett’s Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Cybersecurity with a Network Administration Concentration prepares students to enter the workforce in the cybersecurity industry. This course of study focuses on the creation and maintenance of computer networks, The curriculum provides students with many hands-on assignments to prepare them for real world tasks that they will encounter in their careers.

Degree Awarded

Graduates of the program earn an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Cybersecurity with a concentration in Network Administration.

Program Goals

Information Literacy Skills: To locate, evaluate and effectively use information in the network administration field.

Communication Skills: To communicate effectively in verbal and written format related to cybersecurity and network administration fields.

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills: To use technology to analyze networking case studies; troubleshooting skills effectively and efficiently to diagnose and repair network problems, and distinguish critical from non-critical network problems in various situations.

Scientific Literacy and Quantitative Reasoning Skills: Demonstrate analytical skills in reading and interpreting diagnostic reports.

Information Management Skills: Use industry standard network management software to monitor and baseline computer networks.

Program Benefits

Garrett’s Cybersecurity program with a Network Administration concentration prepares graduates to find employment in the cybersecurity industry and/or chosen field.

Network Administration concentration — Cybersecurity A.A.S. Degree

Total Credit Hours Required 60

GER Required Credits (22 credits)

English Composition

  • ENG101  Comp I—Expos Writing  3
    Min. C grade required

Arts and Humanities

  • SPC101  Intro to Communication  3
  • GER  Humanities CourseG  3

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • GER  Soc & Behavioral Science CourseG  3


  • GER  Science Lab CourseG  4


  • MAT105  College Algebra 3
    or MAT210 Introductory to Statistics 3

Interdisciplinary/Emerging Issues

  • CIS106  Intro to Cybersecurity  3

Core Courses (18 credits)

  • CIS160  Operating System  4
  • CIS163  Intro to Cisco Networking  4
  • CIS164  Router Fundamentals  4
  • CIS230  Security+  3
  • CIS294  Field Experience  3

Concentration Courses (14 credits)

  • CIS161  PC Maintenance & Repair  4
  • CIS220  Network Fundamentals (Net+)  4
  • CIS240  Linux+  3
  • CIS241  Managing Servers  3

Major Electives (6 credits)

Choose after consultation with advisor.

  • CIS130  Programming Logic  3
  • CIS170  Computer Science Programming I  4
  • CIS210  Computer Science Programming II  4
  • CIS221  Advanced Routing & Switching  4
  • CIS222  WAN Technologies  4
  • CIS231  Computer Forensics  3
  • CIS232  Advanced Network Security  4
  • CIS233  Ethical Hacking, Countermeasure  3
  • CIS234  Ethics in the Information Age  3
  • CIS235  Introduction to Cyber Law  3

G GER Courses must be on the Approved General Education Course list.