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Campus News

May 30, 2018

GC offering summer English/reading and math refresher courses

Registration is underway for the upcoming summer and fall sessions at Garrett College. As part of its ongoing charge to give students the best chance to start at college-level coursework in math and English, GC is offering low-cost, non-credit refresher courses for students wishing to brush up in the areas of math, English, and reading.

New students may use a refresher course to brush-up on basic skills prior to taking the placement test or after an unsatisfactory testing attempt. Along with the math and English/reading content, courses also include instruction on test taking skills and strategies to reduce test taking anxieties.

Helping students avoid taking developmental coursework provides them with the opportunity to complete their program of study and graduate more quickly, in addition to cost-savings.

"The summer refresher courses have greatly impacted the success of students in being college ready," states Andrew Harvey, assistant director of financial aid for technical services at GC.

"For students who may have not had a high school math class for several months, a one-day refresher brings most of that information back to remembrance, and a student can skip one or both of the developmental-level classes, saving time and money," Harvey noted.

All new students at Garrett College will be given the option to take either a one-day face-to-face or an online refresher course prior to taking the placement test for the first time. Additionally, students will be urged to take either the face-to-face or the online refresher if they wish to retest. Retesting is most effective after some sort of academic intervention is made.

Garrett College will offer 10 (five math and five English/reading) sessions throughout the summer with a maximum of 15 students per session. Sessions will begin at 8:30 a.m. and run through roughly 4 p.m., including five hours of instruction, a 30-minute lunch break (lunch is provided), and placement retesting.

New for 2018, Garrett College is happy to offer overnight accommodations in the residence halls for refresher enrolees (and one adult guest) for an additional $20 per person. Refresher dates for both subjects were selected to align back-to-back in order to more easily accommodate those who might wish to take both the English and the math refresher. Meals and discounted passes for the Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex (CARC) are included when registering for both consecutive math and English refresher sessions.

The English/reading refresher sessions will be held on the following dates at the McHenry campus: June 29, July 12 & 27, and August 14 & 29. The cost to attend is $50 per student (due at the time of registration).

Math refresher sessions will be held on the following dates at the McHenry campus: June 28, July 11 & 26, and August 13 & 28. There is no cost to attend a math refresher. Math refreshers are funded by the First in the World Maryland Mathematics Reform Initiative grant program.

The math refresher helps to ensure that new students are placed into the appropriate math class based on current skill level.

"Students are never penalized for taking the math refresher," stated Mike Nedrow, academic success advisor and adjunct faculty of developmental mathematics. "It's just a great opportunity to see if they should advance one or more sections in our math sequence."

The same can be said of the English refresher. Both refresher programs have shown perpetual success in prior years. "If you are at all hesitant – just give it a try. We are here to help you and make your first steps at Garrett College positive," notes Nedrow.

For more information on the summer refresher courses, or to register online visit Click the drop-down bar titled refresher courses for detailed information, dates, and a link to register and pay online through a secure site. Questions can be directed to Continuing Education & Workforce Development at Garrett College at 301-387-3069.