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Campus News

June 22, 2021

Internships prepare GC students as future Addictions Counseling, Business, Cybersecurity, and Sport Management professionals

GC's AAS programs emphasize fieldwork, experiences


Olivia Weeks

Students enrolled in Garrett College's associate of applied science (A.A.S.) degree programs recently celebrated successful completion of semester-long internship, or fieldwork, experiences. Field experience courses (BUS 294, CIS 294, PSY 294) are the capstone courses in these degree programs, including Addictions Counseling, Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Graphic & Web Design, Sport Management, and Cybersecurity.

Fifteen students in the BUS 294: Field Experience in Business and CIS 294: Field Experience in IT courses completed 90-hour internships during the spring 2021 semester. Students enrolled in these courses are required to engage in a field experience related to their area of study. Career-related activities are supervised within the participating organization. Students record their activities, projects, and assignments for discussion and evaluation.

Graphic Design intern, Olivia Weeks (Oakland, Md.), completed her internship with Oakland, MD graphic and web design business, CurlyRed, under supervision of owner/president M. Kendall Ludwig.

Weeks served as illustrator for internal and client accounts, assistant in production of design and materials, administrative office supporter, database manager, and junior designer. Not only did she accomplish what she set out to learn, but she also got to work on to some fun projects, such as designing social media assets for Taco Bell.

"Be willing to take in what you are taught – it will help you in the future!", Weeks remarked upon receiving a job offer extended to her upon completion of the internship.

In addition to the rich internship experience, the course curriculum aims to introduce students to effective job search strategies and prepare them for employment promptly after graduation, if not sooner.

Course content emphasizes identifying an ideal position, conducting a successful job search including preparing an effective resume and cover letter, interviewing, and using multiple resources to locate potential internship/job opportunities in student's field of study.

Sport management intern, Lamar Haskins of Morgantown, W.Va., completed his internship as Director of Player Relations with the West Virginia University Football Team. His learning objectives included practicing and implementing good organizational habits, building a professional portfolio, and improving his computer skills to support his work.

To accomplish his learning objectives, Haskins created monthly newsletters, scheduled and logged player volunteer hours, communicated with parents, tracked player accountability points, and organized player information.

Throughout the experience, Lamar was able to network with potential NFL prospects and Division I collegiate coaches, broadening his career outlook. He noted that it is important to "be punctual, be respectful, and be open to constructive criticism."

Although COVID-19 presented some challenges; the pandemic also opened the door to allow some students with the opportunity to complete an internship remotely.

Graphic and web design student, Thomas Brown of Oakland, Md., completed a remote internship with Volle Digital, a graphic design firm in Tennessee. The firm allowed him to serve as the chief designer on a major internal rebranding project, which was successfully launched during his internship.

In addition to the design project, Brown learned about search engine optimization and client relations.

"The internship gave me a realistic approach to what I want to do and how to prepare to get a job in the industry," stated Brown.

Similar to the BUS and CIS 294 courses, four students in the PSY 294: Fieldwork in Addictions Counseling completed 250 hours of supervised fieldwork as well.

Oakland resident and Addictions Counseling student, Chelsea Sines-Ortiz, completed her fieldwork experience at Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. located in Oakland under supervision of Tiffany Ratliff, Director of Behavioral Health Services.

Through this experience, Sines-Ortiz was able to obtain hands-on, clinical experience working with clients with mental health and co-occurring disorders.

"I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom throughout my fieldwork experience at Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.," Sines-Ortiz remarked. "This experience provided me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the direct services offered to assist clients with working toward person-centered rehabilitation goals, as well as assessment and diagnostic criteria that applies to the field.

She continued, "overall, I had a great experience at Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. and highly recommend the Addictions Counseling program at Garrett College."

Sines-Ortiz has accepted a full-time position with Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. as a Behavioral Health Technician.

Garrett College's Associate of Applied Science programs provide a curricular focus on specific occupational areas and are primarily intended for immediate entry into the workforce, although many AAS students do transfer to four-year institutions upon graduation.

"These programs are fantastic in that they provide upcoming graduates with real-life, timely, and applicable experiences prior to entering the workforce in their desired field," noted Ashley Ruby, Director of Advising & Academic Success and instructor of BUS 294 and CIS 294. "AAS students are regularly offered permanent jobs with their supporting organization after completion of their internship."

Area businesses or organizations interested in providing internship opportunities to Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Graphic & Web Design, Sport Management, and Cybersecurity students may contact Ruby at 301-387-3733 or

Organizations interested in providing supervised fieldwork opportunities to Addictions Counseling students may contact Nicole Andrews, Academic Director of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Education and Assistant Professor of Addictions Counseling at 301-387-3108 or

For more information about Garrett College's A.A.S. degree programs, or steps to enroll, contact the Admissions Office at 301-387-3044 or