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Transferring Credits to Garrett College

Students may transfer credits into Garrett College (GC) from eligible post-secondary institutions. As part of the admissions process, students who have attended one or more institutions before transferring to GC submit an official transcript from each institution. Once transcripts are received, transfer applicants will be permitted to schedule placement (if required) and new student advising. An appointment for new student advising serves as the transfer student’s request for evaluation of transcripts. The transcript analysis is completed by the Office of Records and Registration (ORR) and notification of credits accepted in transfer is sent to the student’s College email. Students are also informed of the results as part of their new student advising session. A student wishing to appeal the results of a transcript evaluation should first contact the ORR to discuss the evaluation. The student may subsequently request an appeal of the ORR’s decision by sending a written request to the Chief Academic Officer.

To the fullest extent possible, Garrett College seeks to maximize the transferability of courses and credits. The following regulations apply to the transfer of credits:

  • Only official transcripts from post-secondary institutions accredited by a regional accrediting commission or approved by the American Council on Education are considered for evaluation. Transcripts must be received directly by the Admissions or Records and Registration offices in a sealed, stamped envelope or by an accepted electronic transcript service.
  • Transcripts from post-secondary institutions outside of the U.S. must be translated, certified, and evaluated by World Education Services (www.wes.org).
  • Credits approved for transfer will be recorded on the student’s GC transcript.
  • Credits earned for remedial course work are not transferrable.
  • Grades for transfer courses are not recorded on the GC transcript and are not included in the GPA calculation. As such, in the case of a repeated course, credit earned via transfer does not replace a prior grade in the CGPA calculation.
  • Credit hours for classes at a school operating on a quarter hour system are converted to semester hours. Each quarter hour of credit is worth 2/3 of one semester hour credit. Converted hours are rounded down to the nearest whole number.
  • A maximum of 45 non-resident credits including transfer, military, etc., may be applied to a Garrett College degree.
  • Degree-seeking students must earn at least 15 credits in residence at Garrett College.
  • Certificate-seeking students must earn at least 12 credit hours of their program at Garrett College.
  • For credits transferred from a Maryland public institution: 1) all applicable general education coursework with a grade of “D” or above is potentially eligible for transfer, and 2) non-general education coursework with a grade of “D” will be eligible only if the calculated GPA for the block of non-general education transfer courses is 2.0 or above.
  • For credits transferred from a Maryland non-public institution or an out-of-state institution: 1) all applicable coursework with grades of “C-” or above is potentially eligible for transfer, and 2) applicable coursework with grades of “D” or above will only be considered if the cumulative GPA at the transfer institution is 2.0 or above.
  • Transfer coursework will be held to the same standards as native coursework. For example, if a native student must earn a grade of “C” or better in a required course, the transfer student shall also be required to earn a “C“ or better to meet the same requirement.
  • Students are accountable for the loss of applicable credits resulting from changing academic programs of study.

Garrett College follows the General Education and Transfer Policies of the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Title 13B Subtitle 06 Chapter 01.