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Garrett College will now be closed today, Tuesday, November 28, due to inclement weather. All classes and activities are cancelled. Essential employees to report to work as scheduled.

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Rich Schofield, Director of Student Development, rich.schofield@garrettcollege.edu

Drew Catone, Student Activities Manager, andrew.catone@garrettcollege.edu

Noah Mankin, Residence Life Coordinator, noah.mankin@garrettcollege.edu

David Wingate, Wrestling Coach/Residence Life Coordinator, david.wingate@garrettcollege.edu

Housing Guests

Due to COVID-19 guests and visitors who are not Garrett College students will currently not be allowed for the Spring 2022 semester. Guests who are Garrett College off campus students need to be registered using the above link. Guest Registration Form

Guest Registration

Guest Registration Form