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Staff & Faculty - Contact Directories

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Contact Phone Email
Academic Affairs 301-387-3059
Admissions Office
Adult Basic Education/GED 301-387-3770
Adventure Sports
Adventure Sports: Rental Center
Advising & Academic Success Center
Allen, James
Anderson, Lois
Ashby, Joe
Baker, Patsy
Bass, Kevin
Beachy, Sean
Beachy, Terry
Beaulieu, Kimbery
Beitzel, Doug
Bennear, Mark
Bennett, Bradley
Bernard, Matt
Beachy, Mike
Bittinger, Donna
Bittinger, Randall
Bookstore 301-387-3042
Bowser, Christa
Boyd, Frances
Bray, Mildred
Broadwater, Bonnie
Broadwater, Dan
Browning, Katherine
Bush, Janis
Business Office 301-387-3063
Career Technology Training Center 301-387-3087
Caporale, Clemencia
Chambers, John
Chapman, Terry
College & Me Program 301-387-3034
Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex (CARC)
Continuing Education & Workforce Development
Copy Center
Crable, Cynthia
DeGiovanni, Kim
Deniker, Carolyn
Distance Learning Office 301-387-3155
Dodge, Carolina
Dodge, Kevin
DuBose, Jack
Durst, Dee
Ellis, Tracie
Elsey, Sharon
Erbe, David
Facciolli, Debra
Facilities 301-387-3197
Fauber, Kathy
Feather, Nancy
Feather, Teresa
Fike, Kaitlyn
Financial Aid
Foster, Tim
Friend, Denise
Friend, Sarah
Gale, Maney
Garlitz, Nancy
Garrett College Foundation
Gauntz, Jack
Gibson, Dennis
Gillespie, Haley
Grant, Laurel
Griffith, Linda
Hackett, Carrie
Hallenbeck, Eric
Hannah, Jacob
Harding, Todd
Harvey, Andrew
Hill, Max
Hinebaugh, Kearstin
Holler, Stacy
Horner, Jill
Hough, Jason
Human Resources 301-387-3049
Information Technology
Institutional Research
Jackson, Brandon
James, Anna 301-387-3085
Jenkins, Greg
Johnson, Amanda
Kapoor, Pramod
Kasecamp, Terry
Keller, Mary
Kerns, Robert
Kipp, Tricia
Knepp, Marcia
Krug, Cherie
Laker's Cafe 301-387-3041
Lantz, David
Lewis, J.T.
Lewis, Richard
Library & Learning Commons 301-387-3009
Lieberman, Michelle
Logsdon, Michael
Lowdermilk, Cindy
Mager, Bryan
Mark, Susie
Marketing & Public Relations
Markl, Donald
Mason, Chrisi
Mayles, Chris
Mayles, Trisha
Meagher, Kathy
Menear, Shelley
Meslener, Jennifer
Meyers, Connie
Meyers, Jeanne
Miller, Stacy P.
Montana, Holly
Morris, Benjamin
Moutaintop Truck Driving Institute (MTDI)
Mowbray-Brooks, Carol
Murphy, Randy
Nedrow, Mike
Newmann, Kym
Newmann, Stephen
Nine, Annette
Northern Outreach Center 301-387-3750
Peterson, Therese
Pfaff, Keela
Pratt, Nick
President's Office 301-387-3056
Putnam, Stephen
Rached, Paul
Rawlings, Josiah
Reckart, Rodney
Records and Registration
Reitz, Jeffrey
Residence Life
Rexroad, Susan
Richardson, Scott
Ruby, Ashley
Savage, Alyssa
Schofield, Rich
Schrier, Hugh
Security (24-hour Line)
Sisler, Kelli
Skidmore, Ronald
Skylstad, Peter
Southern Outreach Center 301-387-3770
Stem, Susan
Stuckey, Rebekah
Student Development Office 301-387-3164
Student Government Association 301-387-3129
Students In Need Group (SING)
Suter, Larry
Swearengen, Eric
Swearengen, Robin
Taylor, John
Testing Center
Transcript Requests
Tumbarello, Jean
Tumbarello, Mike
Upole, Christine
Vansickle, Cissy
Veteran's Affairs Office 301-387-3057
Vitez, Vaughn
Vought, John
Warnick, Pamela
Wass, Melissa
Weather Line 301-387-3198
Web Developer
Windstein, Kim
Winters, Joseph
Yoder, Chad
Yoder, Julie
Yuan, Qing
Zeigler, Carla