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Elementary Education

Remember that amazing fourth-grade teacher that made learning enjoyable? That could soon be you. Start here to begin transforming your passion for teaching into being an inspiring teacher.

Why choose Garrett for Elementary Education?

Garrett College Teacher Education programs are highly committed to providing pre-service teachers with the highest quality education to properly prepare them for the rigors of teaching in the 21st century. By educating teacher candidates in theory, analytical thinking, practical methods, and the latest proven methods, we strive to give candidates the necessary tools to become effective and efficient educational leaders.

NOTE: Garrett's Teacher Education programs are designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year institution. The A.A. degree program discussed here is designed for transfer to institutions outside the state of Maryland. Students planning to transfer within the state of Maryland should follow the Elementary Education/Special Education A.A.T. program. This AA program is designed for transfer to an out-of-state institution. Students wishing to transfer to a Maryland institution should follow the Elementary Education/Elementary Special Education AAT program.

Teacher Education Degrees

Garrett College awards an Associate in Arts degree to graduates of the Teacher Education Elementary Education concentration.

Program Goals

Information Literacy Skills: Students will incorporate information literacy skills that will evidence their ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively use information to complete assignments.

Communication Skills: Students will demonstrate competency in written and verbal communication appropriate to their teacher education focus (early childhood, elementary, secondary education).

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills: Students will research, analyze, and evaluate learning theories, strategies, and technology relevant to classroom instruction. Students will develop and demonstrate the ability to manage classroom activities and behavior.

Scientific Literacy and Quantitative Reasoning Skills: Students will demonstrate competent understanding of the life sciences, physical sciences, earth science, and mathematics as required for teacher certification.

Information Management Skills: Students will utilize technology in preparing reports and presentations appropriate to their area of study in teacher education.

Academic and Technical Proficiency in the Major: Students will demonstrate the skills required for a successful career in teaching including objective observation of students, developing lesson plans, and classroom management.

Program Benefits

Students in the Elementary Education program get high educational value at Garrett College with the following:

  • Transferability of most credits in many regional four-year institutions
  • Broad educational foundation
  • Affordable start to a four-year degree

Career Goals

Garrett's Elementary Education program prepares you to transfer to a four-year institution and pursue a career in any of the following general or specialty fields:

  • Elementary classroom instruction
  • Childrens' programming
  • Childrens' literature

Elementary Education Concentration Teacher Education A.A. Degree

Total Credit Hours Required 60

Institutional Requirement 1

  • FYE101  First Year Experience  1

GER Required Credits 31

English Composition

  • ENG101  Comp I—Expos Writing  3
    Min. C grade required

Arts and Humanities

  • SPC101  Intro to Communication  3
  • ENG102  Comp II—Intro to Literature  3
  • GER  Humanities CourseG  3

Social & Behavioral Science Course

  • PSY101  General Psychology  3
  • GER  Soc & Beh Course (not PSY)G  3


  • GER  Two (2) Science CourseG
    (at least one must be a Lab course)


  • GER  Mathematics CourseG  3

Interdisciplinary/Emerging Issues

  • CIS105  Intro to Computers  3

Core Courses (20 Credits)

  • EDU105  Career in Analysis in Education  1
  • EDU201  Foundations of Education  3
  • EDU210  Intro Excepctional Individual  3
  • EDU270  Process/Acquisition of Reading  3
  • EDU275  Teaching Lab  1
  • MAT121  Elementary Math I 3
  • MAT122  Elementary Math II 3
  • PSY211  Educational Psych  3

Electives 8

Choose elective after consultation with advisor.

Successful completion of PRAXIS CORE may be required for entry into many education programs. Students are highly encouraged to complete the PRAXIS CORE exam before applying to a transfer institution.

G GER Courses must be on the Approved General Education Course list.