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Engineering career preparation starts here! A degree in electrical engineering or certificate in electro-mechanical technology is the spark you need to start your engineering career.

Why choose Garrett for Engineering?

Electrical engineers design, develop and test electrical equipment, components, or systems for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use. This field involves working with all manner of electronic devices from pocket calculators to supercomputers, cell phones to satellites, hybrid vehicles to lasers.

Business and Information Technology Degrees

Associate of Science in Engineering (A.S.E.)

The ASE in Electrical Engineering curriculum is built around a strong basic core of mathematics, the sciences including chemistry and physics, and computer technology.

This ASE program is designed for transfer to certain four-year MARYLAND institutions. Students wishing to transfer out-of-state should consult with the Director of Business and Information Technology to develop an educational plan.


The Electro-Mechanical Technology Certificate program is provides instruction and other learning activities to build basic and more advanced technical skills to gain employment.