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Inclement Weather FAQs

Weather Delays and Closings

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions in regards to weather delays and closings at Garrett College.

How are decisions to delay or close made?

The decision to delay or close due to weather conditions is made after seeking input from numerous college, local government and other sources about the ability to maintain campus accessibility, road conditions in the county and surrounding areas, area public school decisions, local weather conditions and weather forecasts for the coming hours.

Who makes the decision to delay or close?

The President will consilt with the designated college officals who will gather and communicate the information necessary to make an informed decision related to college operations.

When are the decisions made?

Because weather and road conditions can change quickly, there is no fixed time by which a decision to delay or close is made. While we attempt to make decisions for all-day closings and delayed openings by 6:00 AM, you should always consider the possibility that the decision may come after that time. Decisions to close early are made based upon information about the conditions, which means that there is no set time that these decisions will be made either; however, the College attempts to have a decision made about closing early by 3:00 PM.

How do I find out if there is a delay or closing for the College?

The college utilizes a variety of methods to communicate weather closing and delay information:

  • Weather Line - The College's weather-line is immediately updated with any information that relates to the altering of the normal schedule. To reach the Weather Line, dial 301-387-3198.
  • Signup for emergency alerts from Regroup at the following link: GCCAlerts.
  • Garrett College Website - The college website displays any delay or closing information on the homepage. Visit the website at
  • Social Media – Important information, including delay and closing information, is posted on the College’s various social media accounts, but mainly the College Facebook pages and College Twitter accounts.
  • Media Outlets - The College also notifies these media outlets of closings and delayed openings:
    • WMSG (1050 AM)
    • WTBO (1450 AM)
    • WAIJ (90.3 FM)
    • WWHC (92.3 FM)
    • WQZK (Q94 FM)
    • WKMM (96.7 FM)
    • WVAQ (101.9 FM)
    • WROG (102.9 FM)
    • WKHJ (104.5 FM)
    • WFRB (105.3 FM)
    • WKGO (106 FM)

Who should I call to find out whether the College is closed or is going to close?

Employees, students and the public should not call any college department to find out whether the college is closed or is going to close. We ask that you not call departments for closing or delayed opening information. Please use one of the methods listed above to receive information about College delays and closings. We recommend that you check two sources to verify information. Note: The College will not make an announcement if operating on a regular schedule. If no information has been posted, then the College will be operating as normal.

How do I know which location is closed?

Announcements made that the College is closed due to weather conditions include all locations: McHenry campus, Northern Outreach Center (Grantsville), Career and Technical Training Center (Accident), and the Southern Outreach Center (Oakland). There may be times when a particular location is delayed or closed for reasons other than weather. The information that is disseminated at that time will specify which location(s) are affected.

Why doesn't Garrett College follow the decisions made by the Garrett County Public School System?

GCPS must consider factors that do not affect the College, such as organizing bus pick up and drop off of students, the condition of the school lots and routes to and from the schools, and the students who must wait at bus stops. In addition, they need to make announcements early enough so that parents or guardians may be in a position to be home or to pick up their children. For these reasons and others, the College does not necessarily follow the decisions made by local school districts, but do take these decisions into consideration.

What if another organization is holding an event at the College and the College is closed at the scheduled date and time?

If the College is closed, it is closed for all activities, whether sponsored by the College or by other entities. If an event by another entity is canceled due to a college closing, you should contact the other entity to determine whether an alternate date will be scheduled or refunds will be offered.

What about young or inexperienced drivers, persons with disabilities or persons who live on unplowed, untreated or inclined roads?

The final judgment on traveling to class or work shall be the responsibility of the individual, but college expectations for work and study will be uniform.

Who removes and treats snow and ice on campus?

The Facilities department is responsible for snow and ice treatment/removal. If you notice an area that i s in particular need of treatment, you are encouraged to contact that department at 301-387-3197 or you can report it to the Security Department at 240-321-5799.

Can I be on campus if there is a delay or closing?

The College puts a delay or closing on to protect the safety of students, employees, and visitors, as well as, to allow the Facilities crew the opportunity to plow and treat the parking lots and sidewalks. When there is a delay or closing, only essential personnel (Facilities and Security) are permitted on campus. Students and employees are allowed on campus 30 minutes before the scheduled opening.

If the College is delayed or closed, will the Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex (CARC) follow the same schedule?

The Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex (CARC) will make a separate determination on delays/closings. For more information, go to: