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Campus News

July 24, 2018

Continuing Education & Workforce Development recognizes students at inaugural graduation celebration

Garrett College Continuing Education & Workforce Development recently recognized nearly 250 individuals who have successfully earned a Maryland High School diploma or completed a workforce development career training program. An inaugural graduation celebration was held at the Garrett College Career Technology Training Center in Accident for the graduates inviting families and friends to attend.

"We were so happy to celebrate the success of our students at this inaugural event," stated Julie Yoder, dean of GC's continuing education and workforce development.

"For many of our students, a GED or certification is the entry point to a job or the start of a career path. "We are proud to be a part of their journey!" Yoder said.

Congratulations to the following individuals for completing the following:

Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) – Jordon Grove, Accident; Sally Bittinger, Frostburg; Bennett Helbig and Jason Xander, McHenry; and Michael Murphy and Randy Roy, both of Oakland.

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant – Julie Frazee, Friendsville; Chastity Beckman and Deborah Beckman, Mtn. Lake Park; Taylor Ashby, Jordan Henson, and Stephanie Norris, all of Oakland; and Diana Mayne, Aurora, W.Va.

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant – Santanna Harman, Accident; Julie Frazee, Friendsville; Sierra Boatman and Michelle VanSickle, Grantsville; Felisha Tasker, Kitzmiller; Chastity Beckman, Deborah Beckman and Joni Davis, of Mtn. Lake Park; Allyssa Altman, Taylor Ashby, Taylor Beckman, Maria Bittinger, McKenna Bolyard, Terri Friend, Ryann Gank, Rebecca Glotfelty, Jordan Henson, Linsay Liller, Shawna Mayle, Sierra Miller, Tiffani Noble, Stephanie Norris, Margaret Swick, Sarah Uphold, Erica White, Alexis Wilson, and Abbrielle Wilson, all of Oakland; Brittney Ashby, Swanton; Diana Mayne, Aurora, W.Va.; and Mary-Cathrine Pennington, Thomas, W.Va.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) – Elizabeth Day, Christina Guthrie and Pamela Hullak, Accident; Skylynn McMillan, Barton; Crystal High, Mandi Knippenberg, and Kristin Martin, Cumberland; Cynthia Fike, Deer Park; Mary Holman and Amanda Tichenell, Friendsville; Rebecca Folk, Frostburg; Jeanette Bland, Grantsville; Katherine Cash, Kitzmiller; Elrea Spurr, McHenry; McKenna Bolyard, Sarah Burns, Cheyenne Harvey, Amber Lake, Bethany Michaels, Bethany Tippen, Robin Wolf, and Chelsey Yutzy, all of Oakland; and Grace Hoffman, Swanton.

Child Care - Amber Yoder, Grantsville; Regina Green, Erin Layton, and Rachael Savopoulas, all of Oakland; and Belinda Weaver, Eglon, W.Va.

Commercial Driver's License, Class A – Jonathan Hamilton, Karen Illick, and Trevor Patton, Accident; Harry Robertson, Corriganville; Jason Deshong, Baron; David Angellatta, Philip Barmoy, Garrett Barnes, Donald Clark, Robert Davis, Monica Davis, Jeffrey Lewis, Donald McKay, Robert Poissonnier, Steven Pullin, Frank Romero-Gonzalez, Brian Shea, Jermar Williams, Seth Yonker, all of Cumberland; Kevin Lynch, Deer Park; Charlene Jeffries, Flintstone; Roy Fazenbaker, Gerald Frazee, Carl Stallman, of Friendsville; Roger Boch, Trevor Boch, John Dittman, Tyler Lucas, all of Frostburg; Austin Bittinger, Jennifer Burrow, Russell Christner, Kevin McKenzie, Cordale Miller, Thomas Ruckert, of Grantsville; Clinton Cole and Robert Myers, of Lonaconing; Shawn Aronhalt, Brian Edwards, Nathan Gover, Brandon Hanline, Anthony May, Cody Richter, and Nathan Sines, all of Oakland; Collin Fratz and Zane Riggleman, of Swanton; Ronald Friend, Addison, Pa.; Chad Miller, Bedford, Pa.; James Sphon, Clearville, Pa.; Duane Dittman, Fort Hill, Pa.; Cody Welker, Garrett, Pa.; Steven Leydig, Hyndman, Pa.; Scott Felice and Michael Smith, of Markleysburg, Pa.; Ronald Weaver, Meyersdale, Pa.; Bradley Marsh, Somerset, Pa.; George Parmer, Burlington, W.Va.; Darren Roth, Eglon, W.Va.; Shawn Feaster and Amy Yutzy, of Keyser, W.Va.; Brandon Bittinger, Springfield, W.Va., and Gary Chambers, Tunnelton, W.Va.

Commercial Driver's License, Class B – Kristen Huff, Cumberland; Jamie Hansrote, Frostburg; Brittney Johnson, Grantsville; Cody Muir, Lonaconing; Warren Wright, Swanton; Brian Mahler, Boswell, Pa; Wendell Cooley, Confluence, Pa.; Jacob Patton, Masontown, Pa.; and Justin Dugan, Romney, W.Va.

CNC Machining - Shawn Carr, Accident; Caleb Layton, Frostburg; Alex Roy, Oakland; and Alexander Michaels, Swanton.

GED/High School Diploma – Miranda Bender, Rhett Gaster, Christina Guthrie, Nathan Orendorf, of Accident; Amanda Titchenell, Friendsville; Amy Burow and Jennifer Burow, of Grantsville; Thomas Ashby, Chanda Beckman, James Beeman, Melanie Burns, Sarah Burns, Christopher Durst, Adrianna Ellick, Judith Ferguson, Gabriel Friend, Sierra Hawley, Michael Hechmer, Destiney Hoye, Destinee Jones, Cameron Kauffman, Ellen Kauffman, Elizabeth Martin, Callista Moats, Timothy Moats, Joshua Moon, Tacoma Poling, Nicholas Schrier, Clorinda Shaffer, Lindsey Slaubaugh, and Glenda Swartzentruber, all of Oakland; and Summer Gordon, of Swanton.

Manual Machining – Michael Blamble, Deer Park; Andrew Eichorn, Brant Miller, and Alex Roy, all of Oakland; Luther Lohr and Bobby Walters, both of Swanton.

Phlebotomy: Venipuncture/Specimen Collection - Julie Frazee, Friendsville; Sierra Boatman, Soncerae Musgrove, and Michelle VanSickle, of Grantsville; Felisha Tasker, Kitzmiller; Gabriella Humberson and Susan McDonald, McHenry; Chastity Beckman, Deborah Beckman, Joni Davis, and Brittany Jadick, all of Mtn. Lake Park; Allyssa Altman, Taylor Ashby, Taylor Beckman, Maria Bittinger, McKenna Bolyard, Tabitha Friend, Terri Friend, Ryann Gank, Rebecca Glotfelty, Jordan Henson, Jami Howdyshell, Linsay Liller, Amanda Lloyd, Sierra Miller, Tiffani Noble, Stephanie Norris, Nakita Rodeheaver, Morgan Tasker, Sarah Uphold, Erica White, Alexis Wilson, and Abbrielle Wilson, all of Oakland; Brittney Ashby, Swanton; Chelsea Hoover, Addison, Pa.; Diana Mayne, Aurora, W.Va.; Mary-Cathrine Pennington, Thomas, W.Va.; Samantha Ashby, Keyser, W.Va.

Veterinary Assistant – Cayla Lewis, Accident; Claire Balderson, Cumberland; Bethany Meyers, Friendsville; Allison Perdew, Frostburg; Miranda Fisher and Beverly Wilburn, Grantsville; Ashton Chapman, Oakland; Lexi Wildesen, Westernport; Amanda Pickrel, Salisbury, Pa.; and Tammy Jones, Terra Alta, W.Va.

Welding – Ian Menear, Accident; Tyler Simpson, Deer Park; Aaron Calhoun, Friendsville; Caleb Geasey, Jeremiah Guthrie, Adam Keefer, and Jared Warnick, all of Grantsville; Chris Alls and Douglas Burton, of McHenry; Bradley Clary, Jason Paulinski, and Jacob Strosnider, all of Oakland; Ryan Coleman and Charles Winebrenner, both of Westernport; Thomas Haer, Jr., Garrett, Pa; and Clark Sines, Eglon, W.Va.

Kristin Martin

Pictured is Kristin Martin of Cumberland, Md. Kristin recently completed Garrett’s Certified Nursing Assistant program.

Brant Miller

Brant Miller, a resident of Oakland, completed the Manual Machining program at Garrett College. Miller was awarded the occupational scholarship as part of the Garrett County Scholarship Program.

The occupational scholarship provides funding for eligible students to obtain occupational training in courses leading to industry-recognized certification. Eligible students include Garrett County residents who will graduate from a Garrett County High School in June of 2018, received their GED during the 2017-2018 academic year (but prior to June 2018), participated in an acknowledged home school program, or are current high school students eligible for dual-enrollment. For more information or questions about the occupational scholarship, persons may contact Donna Bittinger at 301-387-3136.