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January 31st, 2022

Garrett College adds field-experienced faculty

Molek, McCabe teaching psychology courses during spring semester


Abby McCabe


Susie Molek

Garrett College has added two adjunct faculty members in psychology "with impeccable credentials and noteworthy field experience," according to Dr. Terry Kasecamp, GC's academic program director in social and behavioral sciences.

Susie Molek, who is teaching Child Psychology and Psychology of Women this spring, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LCP) who operates a local private counseling practice. Her current work focuses on helping women with mood and anxiety disorders.

Dr. Abby McCabe, who is teaching Psychology of Adjustment this spring, is chief of psychology at the Federal Correctional Institution in Morgantown.

"These two women will be incredible additions to the pool of adjuncts teaching at Garrett College," said Dr. Kasecamp. "Our students will benefit greatly from their expertise and their field experience."

Molek – who is a graduate of GC's psychology program and received the 2003 Garrett College Leadership Award – has a Master's of Science in Counseling Psychology from Chatham University. In addition to her private practice, Molek is the author of five self-help books and is currently working on her Doctorate of Arts in Ecological Psychology and Environmental Humanities at Viridis Graduate Institute.

Molek said taking Psychology of Women under Dr. Kasecamp was a "life-altering experience." "Little did I know how it would propel me into multiple, fulfilling and passionate careers with women," said Molek, adding that she is "happy to be back at Garrett and working with Dr. Kasecamp in a different capacity."

Dr. McCabe, who has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Montana, worked for three years at the Federal Medical Center Prison in Rochester, Minnesota as a pre-doctoral intern and post-doctoral clinician, serving a large population of severely mentally ill detainees. She also worked at the Federal Correctional Complex in Hazeltown, WV, prior to transferring to the Morgantown facility.

"I am honored by the opportunity to teach at Garrett College and to be part of the campus community," said Dr. McCabe. "I'm excited to be part of developing students and guiding them on their career paths. I hope to continue to teach classes for years to come!"