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January 9th, 2024

Garrett College names fall 2023 honor students

President’s List includes 28 students with 4.0 grade-point averages

Twenty-eight Garrett College students achieved President’s List status – the College’s highest academic level – for the fall 2023 semester. Honorees must be full-time, degree-seeking students and attain a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a course load of at least 12 credit hours in college-level courses.

President’s List students: Anna R. Martin, Blake R. Pahler, Haedin Hilton, and Ryan E. Busch, all of Accident; Emma G. Sheffield, Frostburg; Easton M. Rhoten, Ethan E. Sebold, MaKenna D. Holliday, and Paul A. Hoopengarner, all of Grantsville; Jacob L. Beeman, Lonaconing; Zachary G. Hallenbeck, McHenry; Aaliyah D. Rhodes, Amelia A. Holtschneider, Dustin L. Keller, Elizabeth N. Bird, Hannah B. Moyer, Jonathan D. Buckingham, Koley F. Richard, Nakayla S. May, Sydney G. Weeks, and Trent A. Drake, all of Oakland; Aiyana M. Yoder, Lucia V. Dawson, and Natalie C. Warne, all of Swanton; Maura G. DeBor, Oakdale, PA; Paxton S. Patronas, Uniontown, PA; Emily K. Wotring, Aurora, WV; and Hannah L. Kisner, Terra Alta, WV.

The following 61 full-time Garrett College students have been named to the Dean's List for the fall 2023 semester. Academic requirements for this recognition are full-time, degree- and certificate-seeking students who complete a semester’s work of 12 or more hours in college-level courses with the attainment of a GPA between 3.50 to 3.99.

Dean's List students: Alicia K. Minnick and Evalee G. Baker, both of Accident; Nathaniel J. Washington, Cumberland; Mallory N. Wise, Deer Park; Steven M. Corioni, Flintstone; Clara F. Hoover, Leah N. Brenneman, Mariah L. Klotz and Tabitha P. Carr, all of Friendsville; Daphne A. Harman, Joshua L. Brobst, Kevin J. Gamble Jr., all of Frostburg; Ariella R. Malfaro, Austin M. Ravenscroft, Ceitlyn R. Ballon, Connor N. Lawson, Edmond C. Loney III, Kayli P. Broadwater, Taylor A. Bittinger, and Tyler J. Yoder, all of Grantsville; Cameron S. Davis and Nevaeh M. Gank, both of Kitzmiller, Samantha W. Preaskorn, Lavale; Kyle Z. Chaney and Nathan D. Gimera, both of McHenry; Alayna M. Savage, Alex R. Hostutler, Alexia N. Wolf, Amariah G. Skipper, Arianna B. Torrisi, Bry'Lee P. Rodeheaver, Cesilie M. Tasker, Gavin C. Warnick, Jaryn L. Teets, John T. King, Joshua B. Richter, Lia D. Rinker, Madilyn K. Easterday, Nethanyel W. Martin, Nickolas B. Glover, Nicolas J. Morfe, Olivia E. Crosco, Paige A. Rodeheaver and Samuel W. Seeders, all of Oakland; Tyler E. Sweitzer, Swanton; David J. Zwack, St. Clairsville, OH; Todd C. Blackburn, Wintersville, OH; Bryce L. Anderson, Farmington, PA; Aydan B. Fitzgerald, Hanover, PA; Madison K. Glover, Markleysburg, PA; Steven A. Laurence, McMurray, PA; Ava R. Hutzell, Salisbury, PA; Shane M. Morris, Fredericksburg, VA; Ty H. Giblin, Leesburg, VA; Jacob D. Keating and Landon M. Rhodes, both of Keyser, WV; Gavin M. Jackson, Morgantown, WV; Brody M. Byrd, Salem, WV; Malachi C. Jackson, Washington D.C.; Lucas W. Bridger, Mississauga, ON Canada; and Tawananyasha J. Mirira, Mbabane, Eswatini.

Full-time degree- and certificate-seeking students who complete a semester’s work of 12 or more hours in college-level courses and earn a GPA of 3.00 to 3.49 are named to the Honors List.

Honors List students: Cahleel M. Holley, Baltimore; Conner R. Hughes, Frederick; Cassidy J. Bennett, Friendsville; Chance A. Ritchey, Frostburg; Aubree B. Raley, Christopher M. Glotfelty, Levi M. Broadwater, Myles B. Uphold, Piper N. Wilt and Tiffany R. Opel, all of Grantsville; Reece D. Reckart, Kitzmiller; Bayleigh A. Lamberson, Lonaconing; Alexander Travia and Justin D. Gallucci, both of McHenry; Madelynn J. Artice and Brady D. Canfield, both of Mt Lake Park; Alayna R. Weeks, Alyssa S. Sweitzer, Amelia Fitzwater, Bryn D. Savage, Ian W. Cooper, Jayden L. Sisler, Kaitlyn G. Park, Kimberly G. Rodeheaver, Nikole A. Frazee, Noah E. Martin, Olivia G. Marsh, Tre D. DeWitt, Trent J. Bergman, Tristen S. Bemiller, Victoria A. Marsh and Zachary R. McAllister, all of Oakland; Loki A. Baum, Parkville; Cole R. Oursler and Kalena J. Corby, both of Swanton; Pearse M. Ireland, Walkersville; Brandon C. Kinney and Rainey M. Outlaw, both of Washington, D.C.; Coleman C. Bullard, Jacksonville, FL; Ammon J. Sanchez, Middleburg, FL; Sean E. Paige, Jamestown, NY; Cheyenne A. Zack, Niles, OH; Cole W. Stuchal, Blairsville, PA; Ethan M. Eckard, Cogan Station, PA; Lance Vickers, Jefferson Hills, PA; Allison E. Harrold, Markleton, PA; Adam C. Aldenderfer, Trout Run, PA; Renee M. Timbers, Reston, VA; Gabriella A. Valentinetti, Stephens City, VA; Madison L. Kitzmiller, Gormania, WV; Dylan C. Burton, Huntington, WV; Eric S. Guy Jr., Keyser, WV; Collin Reed, Mathias, WV; Caleb E. Neer and Gregory M. Eddy, both of Morgantown; Kellen C. Kinsler, Shepherdstown, WV; Wyatt J. Slocum, Ontario, Canada; and Stefan L. Machkovski, Markham, ON, Canada.

Part-time degree- and certificate-seeking students who complete a semester’s work of six or more hours in college-level courses and earn a semester GPA of 3.50 or higher are named to the Merit List.

Merit List students: Landon R. Hook and Wood S. Clodfelter, both of Accident; Elias J. Brown, Catonsville; Matthew P. Helmbrecht, Darnestown; Shannon L. Halley, Frederick; Christopher A. Mayles, Friendsville; Mecken P. Swyter, Grantsville; Tiara N. Hinebaugh, Kitzmiller; Madilynn R. Magruder, Lonaconing; Tessa L. Hermann, McHenry; Jacob A. Reichard, Mountain Lake Park; Anna J. Michaels, Antonio Nguyen, John N. Clapsaddle, Johnna D. Collins, Kyleigh Viar, Leah E. Wilt, Rachael R. Tichinel, and Roland Oxford, all of Oakland; Skylar O. Miller , Martinsburg, PA; and Alan Borst, Terra Alta, WV.

Part-time degree- and certificate-seeking students who complete a semester’s work of six or more hours in college-level courses and earn a semester GPA of 3.00 to 3.49 are named to the Recognition List.

Recognition List students: Kacey L. Savage, Friendsville; Aidan L. Dewitt, Cambria H. Bowman, Delaney B. Green, Destiney K. Sisler, Joel A. Rush, and Rodney A. Reckart, all of Oakland; Liberty A. Cheshire, Swanton; and Grant A. McKenzie, Union Bridge.