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July 2nd, 2024

Garrett College summer enrollment sets records

Headcount, credit hours, dual enrollment hit all-time highs


Garrett College posted its highest all-time summer session enrollment in summer 2024. The College set new records in headcount, credit hours, and High School Dual Enrollment (HSDE).

Garrett College has set summer enrollment records for student headcount, total credit hours taken, and the number of High School Dual Enrolled (HSDE), according to data released Monday by the College.

There are 155 students – including 61 HSDE enrollees – taking 642 credit hours this summer. Headcount is up 25 percent, credit hours are up 25.5 percent, and HSDE headcount is up a phenomenal 60.5 percent compared to last summer.

"The Academic Affairs division had to open up a number of additional course sections to meet the demand for summer classes," said Professor Christa Bowser, GC's chief academic officer. "Based on our growth in recent semesters, we were prepared to add course sections as we needed them."

This is the sixth consecutive semester of credit enrollment growth, according to Director of Admissions and Recruitment Melissa Wass. Wass said the increase in HSDE was due to several factors, including the fact that high school students can attend virtually without cost.

"The College discounts tuition by 50 percent, and the County picks up the other half of tuition through the Garrett College Scholarship Program," said Wass. "This summer, textbook costs for dual enrollment students are being covered by the Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund."

Wass said the benefits of HSDE go beyond the program's economics.

"Students are using these credits to reduce their time to earning a degree," said Wass. "That's true whether they are planning to finish an associate's degree at Garrett College or transfer to a four-year institution after high school graduation."

HSDE wasn't the College's only growth category this summer. The College reported increases in returning students (+25 percent), male students (+28.9 percent), and female students (+24.7 percent).

While GC's enrollment has grown in every semester since spring 2023, the explosive growth of the summer session has been particularly dramatic. Over the past two years, overall student headcount has increased 38.4 percent and credit hours have risen 54.5 percent.

"Our Academic Affairs division has done a great job putting together an attractive slate of summer courses," said Dr. JR Kerns, GC's dean of student affairs. "And our admissions and advising staff, along with our athletic coaches, have been very effective in student recruitment."

This summer's overall student headcount record beat the previous high-water mark of 132 students – set in 2013 – by 17.4 percent. The 642 credit hours topped the previous record of 612 hours, also set in 2013, by 4.9 percent. The HSDE student headcount topped the previous record of 38, which was set last summer.