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Campus News

June 7th, 2022

Garrett recognizes spring 2022 honor students

Garrett College has announced its Dean’s, Honors, Merit and Recognition List students for the spring 2022 semester.

Dean's List

Full-time degree- and certificate-seeking students who complete a semester’s work of 12 or more hours in college-level courses with a 3.50 to 4.00 grade-point-average (GPA) are named to the Dean’s List and include the following:

Accident:  Kendal M. Glass and Krista N. Maust
Deer Park:  Andrew T. DeWitt
Friendsville:  Caleb S. Frazee
Frostburg:  Reillee D. Beeman, Sophie D. Lewis, and Evan N. Shadel
Grantsville:  Taylor A. Bittinger, Jennifer R. Knox, Kylie M. Mark, Audrey C. Metts, Levi A.        Schroyer, and Carder P. Stakem
Kitzmiller:  Brandon N. Lucas
McHenry:  Ryan T. Dalton, Zachary G. Hallenbeck, and Tessa L. Hermann
Mountain Lake Park:  Morgan J. Artice and Jacob A. Reichard
Oakland:  Luke J. Adams, Kendall B. Burgess, John N. Clapsaddle, Lauren G. Custer, Emily M. Helms, Allison C. Martin, Kristen N. Massey, Jaydason G. Miller, Jacob H. Park, Crystal D. Paugh, Whitney F. Reall, Aaliyah D. Rhodes, Cambria N. Snyder, Emilee G. Tasker, Tenisha R. Thomas, Tobias Unger, Teresa M. Wolf, and Lucas A. Zewatsky
Prince Frederick:  Edward L. Williams III
Swanton:  Rachel C. Duggan, Olivia P. Warne, Alex L. Yoder and Nathan R. Yoder
Upperco:  Glenn Wilson Sr.
Williamsport:  Christian J. Stanton

Addison:  Valerie G. Stemac
Bellefonte:  Zachary R. Swanger
Confluence:  Aimma A. Miller

Winchester:  Kobe H. Tigney

West Virginia
Bruceton Mills:  Colten W. Plum
Harpers Ferry:  Dylan M. McCartney
Morgantown:  Michael C. Gillert
Shinnston:  Baron L. Swiger
Weston:  Bradley K. Bozic


Honor’s List

Full-time degree-and certificate-seeking students who complete a semester’s work of 12 or more hours in college-level courses and earn a GPA of 3.00 to 3.49 are named to the Honors List.  The following students are recognized for this accomplishment: 

Coral Springs:  Luis A. Rodriguez
Jacksonville:  Joseph C. DeSiena and Chancellor C. Moore

Accident:  Issac J. Bittinger
Catonsville:  Luis Cervantes
Cumberland:  Paxton J. Wertz
Deer Park:  Atlee W. Wise
Dundalk:  Cody H. Mason
Edgewater:  Sergei S. Veres
Friendsville:  Angela D. Olinzock and Emily G. Sines
Frostburg:  Brennan V. White
Grantsville:  Emma N. Bowser, Amy A. Herbaugh, Wyatt A. Orner, and Parker L. Wilt
Hagerstown:  Caleb M. Everhart and Brandan J. Myers
McHenry:  Jacob T. Green
Mount Savage:  Malakai C. Webb
Mountain Lake Park:  Tyler F. Rodeheaver and Alexandra L. Schofield
Oakland:  Emily B. Germond, Haley N. Livengood, Travis G. Martin, Meghan Mizerovsky, Ty B. Sisler, Emmalie N. Thomas, Zackary R. Tusing, and Destiny C. Winebrenner.
Pikesville: Kyree J. Jones
Randallstown:  Aliyah J. Tucker
Swanton:  Renee L. Winegardner
Upper Marlboro:  Mekhi W. Price

Johnstown:  Noah R. Korenoski
New Alexandria:  Trey M. Weinell

Mechanicsville:  Elijah J. Hunter
Stephenson:  Vanessa D. Cooper

West Virginia
Clarksburg:  Matthew D. Hutson
New Creek:  Darrick H. Broadwater
Shinnston:  Patrick W. Bart
Terra Alta:  Makayla D. Gank

Merit List

Part-time degree- and certificate-seeking students who complete a semester’s work of six or more hours in college-level courses and earn a semester GPA of 3.50 or higher are named to the Merit List, and include the following:

Dominican Republic
Lucerna:  Jose E. Rosario Jr.

Accident:  Sarah J. Maust and Tyrell E. Maust
Barton:  Brett W. Thomas
Cresaptown:  Hannah G. Moore
Cumberland:  Brooke A. Croston
Friendsville:  Erica E. Hook and Jessica M. Lane
Frostburg:  Karen M. Tingle
Grantsville:  Ashley D. Beitzel, Kaitlyn R. Humphrey, Natalie J. Lehman, and Sheri L. Sechler
Mountain Lake Park:  Jaice M. Piper
Oakland:  Jessica L. Bow, Landon C. Custer, Hailie J. DeWitt, Erica J. Dove, Kiersten M. Kerr, Timothy E. King, and Kaylin F. Paugh
Swanton:  Ashton T. Blackden and Alexander B. Spencer

Lebanon:  Anna R. Martin
Reading:  Grant Roth
Salisbury:  Michael S. Ringler and Brayden A. Thomas

West Virginia
Berkeley Springs:  Cameron R. King


Recognition List

Part-time degree- and certificate-seeking students who complete a semester’s work of six or more hours in college-level courses and earn a semester GPA of 3.00 to 3.49 are named to the Recognition List.  The following students are cited for this accomplishment:

Accident:  Kaleb G. Montgomery
Elkton:  Jeffrey Day
Friendsville:  Emily G. Mayles and Richard E. Woodward
Frostburg:  Chiara N. Fiorita
Kitzmiller:  Jenny L. Hesse
McHenry: Melanee E. Savage
Oakland:  Theresa A. DeWitt, Keele A. Flanigan, Gracie L. Plessinger, Rodney A. Reckart, and Logan T. Storch
Union Bridge:  Grant A. McKenzie
White Plains:  Justen Anderson