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Campus News

March 8, 2019

GC alum Jane Porter: from peer tutor to professional tutor

She continues to follow her passion for educating and motivating others to success

Jane Porter

GC student Magalie Numat (left) is pictured with Porter (right) during a one-on-one tutoring session.

After graduating magna cum laude with an Associate of Arts in General Studies in December 2018, Jane Porter maintains her passion for helping students achieve academic success by serving as a professional tutor in Garrett College's Tutoring Center.

Porter launched a career in tutoring by assisting her friends and classmates in various course content areas. While unrecognized in any official capacity, she received high favour among her peers. As such, she never hesitates to drop what she is doing in order to help a peer with a tricky concept.

After recognizing her outstanding academic achievement and praise among peers, Porter was recruited to serve as a peer tutor in the college's expanding Tutoring Center -- a paid position. As a peer tutor, she was trained in tutoring pedagogy and assigned regular weekly hours in the walk-in Tutoring Center. Porter stayed busy in this role and often assisted multiple students at once applying both her classroom knowledge and growing skillset.

She maintained high student satisfaction ratings among her peers for her diligent work, stating, "I've had some students thank me for my help after receiving positive feedback from their teachers, and hearing that just means the world to me."

Following graduation, Porter declared her desire to continue serving the college by transitioning to the role of professional tutor. Recognized as an advanced position, a professional tutor takes into account the individual's college degree and skills. Through this role, she continues to serve the college and its student body through her meaningful and much-needed work.

She has many areas of proficiency, including: psychology, speech, and history. However, writing is by far her area of specialty.

"As a writing tutor, I can't express how rewarding it is to both see significant improvement in my tutees work, and see them recognize how to make these improvements independently in future assignments," noted Porter.

Ashley Ruby, director of GC's advising and academic success center, explained that the Peer Tutoring program is designed for high academically achieving students just like Jane.

"Jane has everything I look for in a high-quality tutor. In addition to her academic qualities, she has a passion for education and is skilled at motivating others to succeed," stated Ruby. "I am so pleased that she chose to cross the bridge from peer tutor to professional tutor after earning her degree."

Garrett College's Tutoring Center, located in the Library and Learning Commons, is a free service available to all Garrett College students. The Tutoring Center is open an average of 55 hours per week and contributes to the college's growing network of academic support services.

Students are provided with one-on-one or small group support from both peer and professional tutors in various subject areas, such as: writing, mathematics, reading, psychology, sociology, speech, history, education, economics, accounting, chemistry, and more.

To serve as a peer tutor, students must have successfully completed one full semester at Garrett College, earning a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average. Students may apply by contacting Ruby directly. Upon meeting the academic criteria, potential peer tutors must complete an online training program and attend an onboarding meeting at the start of the term. Tutors are selected based on availability and subject proficiency.

For more information about the Tutoring Center and other academic support services available at Garrett College, persons may contact Ruby at Garrett College at 301-387-3733 or