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March 18th, 2024

GC celebrates its international students

Ten students from five countries attending Garrett this year


Garrett College is hosting An Evening Abroad to celebrate the 10 students from five different countries attending GC during the current academic year.

The event – free and open to the public – will take place from 5-7 p.m. next Thursday at the CARC gymnasium. Food samples, music, and other culturally significant activities are planned for the event.

" β€˜An Evening Abroad' is what was developed after meeting with the students and gathering their ideas on what they would like this event to look like," said Director of Admissions Melissa Wass, who works closely with international students interested in attending Garrett College. "The students are really proud of their countries and excited to share their cultures with our campus and community."

GC's 10 international students come from Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Liberia, and Zimbabwe. International student enrollment has been on the upswing since the end of the COVID pandemic, according to Wass.

"I'm so pleased to see our number of international students increasing," said Dr. Richard Midcap, Garrett College's president. "These students enrich our campus and community environment, and help expand our students' perspectives."

"International students play a positive role in bringing diversity and cultural awareness to Garrett College and the county," said Wass. "These students are some of our most gifted students, who often strengthen our athletic offerings and positively impact our local community and public schools."

Midcap credited former GC President Steve Herman with building GC's commitment to international student recruitment.

"Dr. Herman understood the value international students bring to our college and our community," said Midcap. "COVID almost totally shut down international recruiting, but we've been able to rebuild that student group since the pandemic ended."

Midcap praised the role Vianne Bell, a former Garrett College trustee, has played in supporting GC's international students.

"Vianne started our outreach program of sending international students into Garrett County Public Schools to expand those students' horizons," said Midcap. "It's a wonderful program. And we have great international students representing Garrett College."

Wass emphasized the invitation for community members to attend the March 28th event.

"We hope to have a great community response to this event," said Wass.