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November 1st, 2022

GC, Foundation partner to meet student challenges

Midcap: College to cut through red tape to 'identify and address need'


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College students across the country are facing difficult financial situations, with everything from food insecurity to homelessness impacting their ability to prepare for their future.

The Garrett College Foundation is stepping in to assist Garrett College in dealing with those problems at a local level. Garrett College President Dr. Richard Midcap and Garrett College Foundation Executive Director Cherie Krug briefed the Foundation’s major donors on those efforts during Thursday’s semi-annual President’s Circle event.

Midcap announced an annual $15,000 grant from an anonymous donor that will enable the College to immediately address fiscal emergencies that can threaten student success.

"This gift is meant to deal with all kinds of unexpected student emergencies," said Midcap. "It can cover food, shelter, internet access, replacement of a broken laptop, repair of a car needed to get a student to class. One of the best things about this gift is it allows us to cut through all the red tape – we can quickly identify and address the need."

Krug, meanwhile, announced that Daly Computers – a longtime funder of Garrett College Foundation initiatives – has provided a lead gift for the inaugural Garrett College "Giving Days" campaign. The "Giving Days" campaign will be used to fund the former Garrett College Foundation Grant Scholarship, which has been renamed the GCF Fund while expanding the criteria for fund usage.

"This will allow us to award students support not only for scholarships, but also for transportation, housing and a myriad of unmet student need," said Krug.

Krug said the Foundation has set a goal of raising $23,500 from the "Giving Day" campaign. Anyone wishing to support the Giving Days campaign may make an online donation at on Tuesday, November 29.

Garrett College Director of Financial Aid Andrew Harvey and Coordinator of Student Affairs Kym Newmann also briefed the President’s Circle donors on initiatives to address unmet student need. Harvey thanked the donors for their "generous donations to the Foundation."

"I couldn’t do what I do if it wasn’t for the support from our donors," said Harvey.

Newmann focused her comments on the work of the Students In Need Group (SING), a partnership between employees and community members dedicated to addressing student need. She highlighted the Garrett College Food Pantry – which has been endowed by Garrett Cooperative Ministries – and the annual winter clothing drive.

"SING is committed to providing students with what they need – everything from food to books to winter clothing," said Newmann, noting many out-of-state students come unprepared for Garrett County winters.

"Our winter clothing giveaway includes winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves – clothing items often needed by students from warmer climates," said Newmann.

Midcap characterized financial challenges as "the single-biggest detriment to student success and completion."

"The good news is that we recognize the challenge and we’re working hard to address it," said Midcap. "Our food pantry, endowed by Garrett Cooperative Ministries, is fully stocked. In addition to regular hours, we recently instituted a new process in which a host of staff members have been authorized to open the pantry any time a student needs groceries.

"And the anonymous gift to address whatever student needs arise will help ensure we have the immediate resources we need for students to succeed," added Midcap.