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October 2nd, 2018

GC to offer backflow certification and re-certification courses in Grantsville

CEWD partners with Kruger’s Training Academy October10-12th

Garrett College in coordination with Kruger’s Training Academy will be offering backflow certification and re-certification courses. Full certification is scheduled for October 10 - 12 and re-certification is on October 12. Both courses will be held from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Garrett College Northern Outreach Center in Grantsville.

Backflow training aims to fully acquaint apprentice, journey, and master plumbers with the use, operation, testing, and surveying procedures of backflow prevention in an effort to ensure that potable water does not cause the spread of communicable diseases such as typhoid, infectious hepatitis, scarlet fever, polio, poliomyelitis, and dysentery, etc.

This course addresses what backflow preventers are, how they are tested, how they are installed and where they are required. Upon passing the written and practical exams the student is certified (if a licensed plumber in Maryland) as a Certified Backflow Prevention Technician. Re-certification is required every three years to keep certification current.

Bill Sompayrac of Eldersburg, Md., will be instructing the training. Prior to retirement and joining Kruger’s Training Academy, he taught plumbing apprenticeship and related training, in addition to owning his own plumbing company. He holds a TREEO backflow prevention course instructing license from the University of Florida, as well as Master Plumbing licenses in Maryland and other jurisdictions. Sompayrac joined Kruger's Training Academy one year ago and is considered an expert in the field as he has trained over 300 students.

For more information on this course, persons may contact Terry Beachy at 301-895-4700 or To register, contact Continuing Education and Workforce Development at 301-387-3069.