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June 5, 2018

Second class of Leadership Garrett County graduates

Organizers of the Leadership Garrett County Program were pleased to announce a second class of participants successfully completed the program.

This year's diverse class consisted of 19 members from the non-profit, for-profit and government sectors of the local economy. Leadership Garrett County represents a cooperative partnership between Garrett College and the Garrett County Department of Economic Development.

A culminating graduation for the class was recently held at Ace's Restaurant with a presentation by motivational speaker, Master Rick Rando, whom in his introduction, stated he always enjoys making the trip to Western Maryland.

"Pride, work ethic, and passion are three things you just don't see elsewhere," noted Rando.

There are three 'leadership principles' that Rando shared amongst the group and encouraged the members of the graduating class to always keep in mind.

"Know who you are, don't be afraid to take calculated risks, and run with the right herd," he stated. "We are here on a mission because we want to leave a legacy, but there can be no story without a struggle.

"If you are doing all of the above, are you living each day with passion?"

Don't just be average. Don't just 'go to work'. Want to 'go to work', and have a great story - with a struggle. Leadership starts with you," said Rando.

This year's class had the opportunity to learn, experience, and bond together throughout the course of the entire program.

The goal is for participants to emerge as more informed, connected and effective managers, leaders and citizens – helping to ensure a bright future for Garrett County.

As part of the program, class members meet once a month for seven months. The program consisted of lectures with program-based content covering a multitude of topics from certified trainers. Additionally, each month the class would visit key Garrett County businesses and institutions in the arts, education, government, social services, etc.

Leadership Garrett County 2018

Front row, left to right: Tina Hersh, DaVina Griffith, certified trainer; Cameron Crawford, Alex Stuck, Shelley Argabrite, Pat Hudnall, Rachel Friend-Lantz, Andrew Umbel, Dick Zimmerman, James Nichols, Jared Jones, Jenny Meslener, Julie Yoder, dean of continuing education and workforce development, Garrett College; Master Rick Rando.

Back Row, left to right: Larry Tichnell, Garrett County Commissioner; Trish Yoder, certified trainer; Richard Midcap, president, Garrett College; Mary Keller, continuing education and workforce development, Garrett College; Brian King, Kelli Sisler, Brett Lambert, Beverly Rasel, Liz Williams, Connie Meyers, director of business solutions, Garrett College; Ashley Ruby, certified trainer.