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Our Students and Alumni Pursue Incredible Journeys

All of our students have a unique story to tell. Many start out at Garrett College with plans to transfer to a four-year college or university. A large percentage of our students are the first in their family to attend college. Others seek to advance their career by learning a new skill.

These stories represent journeys of overcoming personal challenges, defining and achieving success, and discovering true passions.

Our Students

Major: Elementary Education/Special Education

Hometown: Oakland, Md.

Question: Why did you choose Garrett College?
Answer: I chose Garrett College because it made the most sense financially. I also had friends that were coming to Garrett, so I already knew many people here.

Question: What activities are you involved with on campus? How has this added to your college experience?
Answer: I have a work study with the tutoring center which has been very helpful. It allows me to do my homework, help others, and make some money all at the same time.

Question: Share with us one highlight from the semester.
Answer: I am in several education classes, and the discussions that we have in class are the highlights of my day. We always end up laughing and having a good time, but also discuss serious topics that invigorate the mind.

Question: What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?
Answer: I have had some subjects that I struggled in, but I pushed through and studied to get good grades.

Question: How have Garrett College support services, faculty or staff supported you?
Answer: All of my teachers and advisors have been very helpful in the advising and scheduling processes. The faculty also helped me get a job at the tutoring center.

Question: What advice do you have for a new GC student or someone on the fence about attending college?
Answer: Develop study skills and do not procrastinate.

Question: What are your plans after GC?
Answer: I plan on attending a four-year university after Garrett College.

Garrett College Students and Alumni Share Their Stories