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Our Students and Alumni Pursue Incredible Journeys

All of our students have a unique story to tell. Many start out at Garrett College with plans to transfer to a four-year college or university. A large percentage of our students are the first in their family to attend college. Others seek to advance their career by learning a new skill.

These stories represent journeys of overcoming personal challenges, defining and achieving success, and discovering true passions.

Our Students

Major: Mathematics/Science

Hometown: Oakland, MD

Question: Why did you choose Garrett College?
Answer: I chose Garrett College because it is a local college and it is free for me. It was the smartest decision to make because I can get my common courses out of the way such as Literature and Writing for free.

Question: How has attending GC worked to your advantage?
Answer: One thing that I have noticed while at Garrett is how clean the facility has been kept. Every day that I am there I see people walking up and down the halls wiping down door handles and disinfecting classrooms. The small class sizes have also been a nice addition so that everything is handled safely, and this pandemic is being taken seriously.

Question: How have Garrett College support services, faculty or staff supported you?
Answer: Garrett College has worked to my advantage during the pandemic because it has allowed me to stay home and work on school work without having the risk of getting sick. The teachers have done a really good job at making the classes easy to understand with Blackboard.

Question: What advice do you have for a new GC student or someone on the fence about attending college?
Answer: My advice for someone who is on the fence about attending Garrett college is that from a financial standpoint it is a win-win. If you prefer classes that are more personal and professors that care, Garrett is a great choice.

Question: What are your plans after GC?
Answer: My plans after I graduate from Garrett are to attend Frostburg State University to get a degree in biology and to then work in the medical field.

Garrett College Students and Alumni Share Their Stories