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Cybersecurity Certificate

Do you like the sounds of protecting computers from unauthorized access or destruction? Do you want to join the fight against cybercrime? If you are passionate about technology and want to have help others from having their private information stolen, a career in cybersecurity may be the right decision for you.

Why choose a certificate in Cybersecurity?

The Cybersecurity certificate program prepares students for cybersecurity-based careers. Garrett College’s Cybersecurity program allows students to concentrate on a curriculum that provides students with the knowledge and skills that are most in demand within the rapidly changing information technology industry – particularly the cybersecurity field. Courses such as Security+, Net+, and Computer Forensics provide both the knowledge and skills that can enhance employability and job market skills, allowing Garrett students to pursue career changes and/or career advancement in these highly technical fields.

As a result, many GC students earn industry recognized certifications such as A+, Net+, Security+, CCNA and more while studying cybersecurity at Garrett College.

Cybersecurity Certificate

Garrett College awards a Cybersecurity Certificate to graduates. An Associate in Applied Science in Cybersecurity (A.A.S.) and Associate in Applied Science in Cybersecurity (A.A.S.) with a Network Administration concentration are also available.

Program Benefits and Goals

Gainful employment disclosure for program completers

Garrett’s Cybersecurity certificate prepares graduates to find employment in the cybersecurity industry and/or chosen field.

Cybersecurity Certificate

Total Credit Hours Required 24

Required Course Work (14 credits)

  • CIS160  Operating Systems  4
  • CIS220  Networking Fundamentals(Net+)  4
  • CIS230  Security+  3
  • CIS231  Computer Forensics  4
  • CIS164  Router Fundamentals  4
  • CIS240  Linux+  3

Cybersecurity Electives (10 credits)

Select from the following (After consultation with advisor) :

  • CIS130  Programming Logic  3
  • CIS161  PC Maintenance & Repair  4
  • CIS163  Intro to Cisco Networking  4
  • CIS170  Computer Science Programming I  4
  • CIS210  Computer Science Programming II  4
  • CIS232  Advanced Network Security  4
  • CIS233  Ethical Hacking, Countermeasure  3
  • CIS234  Ethics in the Information Age  3
  • CIS235  Introduction to Cyber Law  3
  • CIS241  Managing Server  3