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Paramedic Certificate

The Paramedic Certificate curriculum is designed to provide instruction in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains which will enable students to develop the knowledge and skills required for work in the emergency medical services (EMS) field.

Areas of study include human anatomy and physiology, airway management, patient assessment, medical and trauma emergencies, clinical skills, professional ethics and other related topics. Students enrolled in this program are taught to work in the field as an extension of the emergency room.

Paramedic Certificate Awarded

Garrett College awards graduates a Paramedic Certificate. The training program is available for college-level credit or as a non-credit program through Continuing Education & Workforce Development

The Paramedic training program operates on a two-year cycle, in which students are admitted in the fall of even numbered years. Admission to Garrett College does not guarantee admission to the Paramedic Certificate Program; specific eligibility and admission requirements must be met.

Program Goals and Benefits

Gainful employment disclosure for program completers

Garrett’s Paramedic Certificate Program is designed to concentrate on the courses that provide the required education for national paramedic certification. National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) National Paramedic (NRP) certification requires successful completion of both a cognitive and psychomotor exam. This program is designed to prepare students to obtain NRP certification and enter the workforce upon successful completion.

Students successfully completing the training will be qualified in advanced emergency care through a competency-based educational program and will be well prepared to enter the workforce in the EMS field as paramedics. In the United States, paramedics represent the highest practitioner level in the EMS domain.

Paramedic Certificate

Total Credit Hours Required 30

Fall (7 credits)

  • EMS120 Anat & Phys for EMS Providers  (3)
  • EMS130 EMS Preparatory (1.5)
  • EMS132 Paramedic Patient Assessment (.5)
  • EMS150 Paramedic Lab I (1)
  • EMS170 Paramedic Clinical I (.5)

Spring (10.5 credits)

  • EMS133 Paramedic Medical   (4)
  • EMS134 Paramedic Trauma (2)
  • EMS135 Paramedic Operations & Spec Cons (1)
  • EMS151 Paramedic Lab II (1.5)
  • EMS171 Paramedic Clinical II  (2)

Fall (5 credits)

  • EMS230 Paramedic Preparatory  (1)
  • EMS231 Paramedic Airway II (1)
  • EMS233 Paramedic Trauma II (.5)
  • EMS250 Paramedic Lab III (1)
  • EMS270 Paramedic Clinical III  (1.5)

Spring (7.5 credits)

  • EMS234 Paramedic Medical II   (1.5)
  • EMS235 Paramedic Spec Considerations  (1.5)
  • EMS251 Paramedic Lab IV (1.5)
  • EMS271 Paramedic Clinical IV  (3)