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Ecosystem for businesses

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, start here to discover the many resources available to help you succeed! Through a grant received from the Appalachian Regional Commission, Garrett College developed the entrepreneurship ecosystem map to provides critical information as you explore the risks and rewards of small business ownership. Navigate through all six sections of the map below for expanded detail, and follow the links to additional resources. As you explore, you will notice links to our Power Of Possibilities Entrepreneurship Training course. Each year, individuals enrolling in the program compete for start-up funds in our business competition. Winners of the competition are announced at the Power Of Possibilities conference, which occurs each Spring. For more information on the class, please visit Garrett College’s Entrepreneurship Course or call 301-387-3084.

Community & Culture

Find local and global support and resources to grow your business within a nurturing entrepreneurial community.

Mapping Your Business

Make important business decisions and set goals and targets to create an actionable strategy to move your business idea forward.

Financing & Funding

Create a financial strategy to keep track of your cash flow and attract potential funders and investors.

Community and Culture Mapping Your Business Financing and Funding Markets and Supports Business Regs and Policy Idea to Action

Idea to Action

Just starting out? Start here. You will find the basics you need to begin to form your business idea and plan.

Business Regs & Policy

Understand the Federal and State regulations that could affect your business to keep your plans on track.

Markets & Supports

Arm yourself with good market research and supportive feedback to give your business the best start possible.

This project was made possible by Appalachian Regional Commission in conjunction with Garrett College Continue Education & Workforce Development.