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'18 alum, biology major dedicated to achieving success

Liutauras Repsys's Bio

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Class of 2018





Liu's Journey

Garrett College alumnus and native Lithuanian, Liutauras (Liu) Repsys, recently completed his first year as a transfer student at Bucknell University. A biology major, he reported how the last two semesters have been equally exciting and challenging.

"Both semesters were really difficult, but I am working hard to manage the pressures of my academic commitments to end the semester successfully," said Repsys.

In addition to his classes, Liu works on campus at the 7th Street Cafe as a barista. "This has been an awesome job to have since I love my supervisors and student co-workers, and I also earn a little extra money."

He plans to return to his home country of Lithuania for the summer to spend some much-needed time with his family. Beginning in the fall, he will commence with classes at Bucknell and begin a new position as Residential Assistant.

As an RA, Repsys will live among his peers, playing a critical role in the growth, development, and safety of the students. In this role, he will have the opportunity to apply his strong leadership skills to be a role model, resource and referral agent, advocate, policy informer, and programmer.

Liu gained entry to Bucknell University after being awarded with the prestigious two-year transfer scholarship to attend the university in the fall of 2018. This extremely competitive scholarship, valued in excess of $100,000, covers tuition for two years of full-time enrolment at Bucknell University, a private liberal arts institution in Lewisburg, Pa.

As part of the transfer scholarship requirements, Repsys participated in the rigorous Bucknell Community College Scholars Program in the summer of 2017. The program is designed for high-achieving, low- to moderate income community college students who aim to earn their associate's degree and wish to take their education further.

Repsys earned his associate of arts degree in the arts and sciences, with a concentration in mathematics/science in May 2018. He first learned of the Bucknell program during his first semester at Garrett.

He reached out to GC's director of advising and academic success, Ashley Ruby, who coordinates the Bucknell Community College Scholars Program at GC. She explained how the program is designed for dedicated students, such as Repsys.

"This is a highly competitive program. Eligible candidates must be willing to push themselves academically, mentally, and physically, at times," remarked Ruby. "Liu demonstrated that he had the makings of a great Bucknell scholar through his countless achievements at Garrett."

At a height of six feet nine inches, he was also an obvious choice for the Garrett Laker's men's basketball team.

"Liu is an incredible person, and I am so thankful that his journey brought him to Garrett College. I am so excited to see what comes next for him," commented Ruby.