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Credit for Prior Learning

Credits toward a degree may be earned through a variety of formats. College credits are assigned based upon an established assessment process that validates attainment of learning outcomes established for equivalent courses. Students seeking alternative credits must be enrolled at GC at the time of request. In most cases, a fee is assessed for the application of alternative credits to the transcript.

Each source of alternative credit may be limited to a maximum number of credits that may be applied toward a degree or the courses to which they may be applied. A maximum of 36 credits from non-residential sources (alternative credit and transfer credits combined) may be applied to a Garrett College Associate Degree.

Students planning to transfer to other colleges/universities should contact those institutions to determine whether or not Alternative Credits earned at Garrett will be accepted upon transfer.

Military Credit

Students enrolled in a degree program may request course equivalency credit be granted for certain military experiences as recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE). Courses appropriate to Garrett’s curriculum and applicable to the student’s major program of study may be accepted, at no charge to the student. A maximum of 36 non-residential credits, including transfer and alternative credits may be applied to an Associate Degree.

Students requesting to have military equivalency credit are required to contact the designated military review agency and obtain an evaluation of their military experience. The results of the evaluation should be sent directly to the Office of Records and Registration.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credits

Upon enrollment at Garrett College, a student who has passed Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations with the allowable minimum score may request to have equivalent credits posted to his/her Garrett transcript, at no charge. A minimum score of 3 is required for most courses, with scores of 4 or 5 required on several higher level and science courses. For detailed score requirements and course equivalencies, contact the Office of Records and Registration.

To receive credit, official documentation from the testing center must be sent directly to Garrett’s Office of Records and Registration (score reports can be ordered online at

Advanced Placement Examinations are available through the College Entrance Examination Board of the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ 08540.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Credits

The International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) is a rigorous two-year curriculum offered in select secondary schools through the world. In order to receive college credit for IB, student must sit for the examination in each subject of study. Visit for more information.

A minimum score of 4 on the Standard or Higher Level exam is required for most courses, with higher scores required in some areas. Detailed score requirements and course equivalencies can be obtained from Garrett’s Office of Records and Registration.

To receive credit, official documentation must be sent directly to Garrett’s Office of Records and Registration.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credits

Enrolled degree-seeking students may earn college credit for prior-learning by taking CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams. CLEP is a credit-by-examination program offered through the College Board. No more than 12 CLEP credits will be accepted and CLEP credits may only be applied to courses on the acceptable listing managed by the Office of Records and Registration. Additional fees apply.

Students must request the College Board forward CLEP test scores directly to Garrett College for evaluation. CLEP credit granted by another institution does not directly transfer to Garrett College.

For most disciplines, a minimum score of 50 must be achieved on the exam. For Level 2 French Language or Spanish Language exams, a score of 59 and 63 respectively must be achieved.

Students planning to transfer to other colleges/universities should contact those institutions before taking the CLEP exams to determine whether or not credits earned through the CLEP will be accepted upon transfer.

Credit by Certification

Enrolled degree-seeking students who have participated in training courses offered through professional organizations by licensed instructors leading to certification or licensure may be eligible to earn elective or major college credits. The training will be evaluated using ACE recommended credit awards whenever such evaluation is available. If ACE evaluation is not available, the student must demonstrate to the assigned faculty evaluator that (s)he has attained the learning outcomes of the course for which (s)he seeks credit. For more information, contact the Office of Academic Affairs. Additional fees apply.

Credit by Examination

Enrolled degree-seeking students may earn credit for a course by requesting a proficiency exam. Not all courses qualify for Credit by Examination; contact the Office of Academic Affairs for more information. In the case of a repeated course, credit earned via proficiency exam does not replace a prior grade in the cgpa calculation and credit can only be earned once. Appropriate fees will apply.

Life Experience Assessment Program

Students seeking a degree in a field directly related to his/her work, may request Life Experience credit. To be considered for life experience assessment, students must be currently enrolled in a degree program at Garrett College. Interested students should first meet with their academic advisor to discuss life experience possibilities. No more than 50% of the credits for major courses may be awarded through LEAP. LEAP credit may not be awarded for GER, institutional requirements, or elective courses. LEAP credits may only be awarded for courses within career preparation majors. For more information, contact the Dean of Academic Affairs. Additional fees apply.

Portfolio Assessment

Students who are enrolled in a degree program at Garrett College are eligible to apply for portfolio credit for some courses. Portfolios must consist of work products that illustrate the ability to match a specific course’s learning objectives. A student may earn a maximum of 12 credit hours through portfolio assessment. Portfolio Assessment is only available for career preparation courses for which there exists appropriate work product(s) that demonstrate attainment of course learning outcomes. A request for submission of a portfolio must be approved by the Chief Academic Officer prior to the start of classes and the portfolio submitted for assessment no later than six weeks before the final examination period for the semester in which credit is sought. Portfolios will be reviewed by faculty in the discipline in which the course credits are sought. The decision of the reviewer(s) is final. Any work portfolio submitted for evaluation must be produced by the individual seeking the credits. Additional fees apply.

Completion of Certification or Licensure Program at Garrett College

Garrett College’s Continuing Education & Workforce Development (CEWD) division offers a number of non-credit programs that prepare students for certification and licensure by a professional or governmental agency. A student who completes such a program and obtains professional licensure or certification may seek alternative elective or major credit toward his/her Garrett College Associate Degree program.

To be eligible for alternative credit and/or advanced standing the student must:

  • Have completed the training program at Garrett College.
  • Have taken the specified professional certification or licensure exam and passed the exam within 5 years of matriculating into the GC degree program.
  • Have current certification or licensure in the professional area for which alternative credit/advanced standing is being requested.

Refer to the College Catalog for a list of CEWD certifcation and licensure programs for which students may request alternative credit, the degree program(s) to which the alternative credits may be applied, and the number of alternative credits that can be applied.