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High School Dual Enrollment

What is high school dual enrollment (HSDE)?

Garrett College - High School Dual Enrollment

High School Dual Enrollment Flyer

High school dual enrollment is an opportunity that allows high school students to earn both high school and college credit for a college course that meets the curriculum requirements of the approved high school course. The courses listed here will allow Garrett County Public School students to satisfy high school requirements while also receiving college credit.

Why dual enrollment?

  • Increase the likelihood to attend and complete college
  • Be better prepared for college both academically and socially
  • Save money on college tuition

When are HSDE courses offered?

GCPS students have the opportunity to enroll in courses beginning in their freshman year of high school. Most courses are typically taken during a student’s junior and/or senior year of high school.

Where are the courses offered?

    Courses are offered through a variety of methods:

  • In person at the high school (taught by Garrett College instructors)
  • In person at the high school (taught by GCPS teachers)
  • Garrett College campus
  • Online

How do I enroll?

Students should indicate interest in HSDE courses while preparing their high school schedules with their Guidance Counselors. Students may need to complete placement testing, unless waived. Testing is offered at the high schools or at GC throughout the year. Counselors will assist with the necessary GC registration paperwork and collect any fees prior to each semester of enrollment.

Click here to download the steps to enrollment checklist

Frequently Asked Questions section

Garrett College - High School Dual Enrollment

FAQ Flyer

Will the college credits earned at Garrett College transfer to other colleges/universities?

Yes. Because Garrett College is an accredited institution, most credits earned will transfer to wherever the student plans to attend. Most four year colleges/universities include a transfer equivalency system on their websites where students are able to look up courses taken at Garrett College to see how they will transfer. ARTSYS is an online system intended to aid the transfer of students from Maryland community colleges to the University System of Maryland institutions and other participating institutions. You can search the course equivalencies on this website: artsys.usmd.edu.

What does it mean when a credit transfers as an elective?

Most colleges/universities have a set number of credits designated as open electives based on the program of study. In most cases, students can receive elective credit for courses if the transferred courses don’t apply directly to their major.

What is the cost?

Garrett County students concurrently enrolled in GCPS receive a 50% tuition waiver from the college. Currently, the County Scholarship Program pays the remaining 50% of the tuition. Students are responsible for a $25 registration fee each semester they enroll in college course(s).

Are students permitted to enroll in other courses not listed in the planning guide?

Yes, students are able to enroll in any course in which they meet the prerequisites. Students will receive college credit for these additional courses, but they will not meet high school requirements.

Are the textbooks provided?

No, it is the responsibility of the student to purchase the textbooks for the course(s) in which they are enrolled. Garrett College professors make every effort to utilize free or low-cost course materials.

How should we decide between HSDE and AP courses?

Both types of courses are beneficial for students wishing to pursue post-secondary education. Students and parents/guardians should carefully consider which option of obtaining college credit BEST meets their individuals post-secondary and/or career goals.