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Adventure Sports Management

At Garrett College, our mountains, lakes and forests and whitewater rivers are more than just attractions, they are our classrooms.

What is Adventure Sports Management?

Garrett College's Adventure Sports Management program develops leaders and professionals in adventure sports and outdoor recreation industries who have a strong sense of environmental stewardship and community service.

With a focus on hands-on learning, our one-of-a-kind Adventure Sports program allows students to make careers out of an adventurous nature. Students explore nature and career options while learning about leadership development, program planning, risk management, and decision making.

Learn more on our program feature site.

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Adventure Sports Management Degree / Certificate

The Garrett College Adventure Sports Management program awards the Associates in Applied Science (AAS) degree, and many of its graduates transfer to four-year colleges and universities across the US. In addition, Garrett College awards a Certificate in Adventure Sports Management for those individuals seeking training specifically in adventure sports coursework.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to make connections that create meaning between themselves and their audience, and that they are able to speak, read, write, and listen effectively.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to engage in clear and critical analysis of situations, events, issues, ideas, and texts by fusing experience, reason, and training into considered judgment.
  • Students will demonstrate a strong sense of environmental stewardship.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively plan and facilitate an instructional experience.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to successfully plan and manage an adventure program.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively assess and respond to an emergency situation.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to perform at least one adventure sports field skill at an industry standard intermediate level.

Program Benefits

Beyond the awarding of accredited college degrees and certificates, the Adventure Sports Management program makes available independent third-party certifications from many nationally and/or internationally recognized organizations including:

  • American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI)
  • American Canoe Association (ACA)
  • American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA)
  • Leave No Trace (LNT)
  • Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA)
  • US Department of Transportation sanctioned Wilderness First Responder (WFR) advanced first aid certification

Course Options

  • Back-country fair/cold weather outdoor living skills
  • Water sports, including whitewater canoing, kayaking, rafting; sea kayaking; and standup paddleboard
  • Rock climbing and rappelling
  • Snow sports, including skiing and snowboard
  • Mountain bike riding and bike mechanics
  • Land-, rock- and water-based rescue classes
  • High/Low ropes challenge course

Career Goals

A question often asked is, "What does an Adventure Sports graduate do?" Besides successfully transferring to other colleges and universities to earn more advanced degrees, here is a partial list of job titles earned by recent program graduates as well as those that have gone on to earn bachelor's and master's degrees:

  • Director, Wisp Ski School
  • Director, Outdoor Recreation Program, Franklin Pierce College
  • Director, West Virginia University’s Adventure West Virginia New Student Wilderness Orientation program
  • Instructor, Trails Carolina Therapeutic Wilderness Program
  • Challenge Course Facilitator, Mammoth Ski Area (CA)
  • Chief Guide, Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides (WV)
  • Course Instructor, North Carolina Outward Bound
  • Youth Activity Coordinator, Cruise Lines
  • Outdoor Instructor/Programmer, Harford County (MD) Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Administrative Assistant, Adventure Sports Center International
  • Maryland DNR Park Ranger, Point Lookout State Park
  • Assistant Professor, Montana State University
  • Coordinator of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, Rockville, SC

Adventure Sports Management A.A.S. Degree

Total Credit Hours Required 60

Institutional Requirements (1 credit)

  • FYE101  First Year Experience  1

GER Required Credits (22 credit)

English Composition

  • ENG101  Comp I—Expos Writing  3
    Min. C grade required

Arts and Humanities

  • SPC101  Intro to Communication  3
  • HUM210  Society & the Environment  3

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • GER  Soc & Behavioral Science Course  3


  • GER  Science Lab Course  4


  • MAT105  College Algebra 
    or   MAT210   Statistics  3

Interdisciplinary/Emerging Issues

  • CIS105  Intro to Computers  3

Core Courses (37 credits)


  • ASI  Basic Skills Courses  4
  • ASI  Intermediate Skills Courses  4
  • ASI  Instructor Level Course  1
  • ASI  Rescue Skills Course  2
  • ASI101  Intro ASI, Park, Recreation  3
  • ASI110  Back Country Living Skills  3
  • ASI164  Wilderness First Responder  3
  • ASI170  Guiding & Instructing Adv. Sports  3
  • ASI200  ASI Program Mgmt.  3
  • ASI201  Leadership/Grp Dynamics  3
  • ASI206  Practicum Preparation  1
  • ASI207  Practicum  1
  • ASI271 or ASI271A  Wilderness Guide Ins Dev  1
  • Colloquia (ASI104, ASI105, ASI204 & ASI205)  1
  • BIO110  Natural History  4

G GER Courses must be on the Approved General Education Course list.