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Soft Landing Program at Garrett College

Soft landing programs are a way for foreign companies to explore and enter a new market with greater local support and less risk than through traditional investment approaches. The Maryland Department of Commerce recognizes that soft landing programs are an important tool to assist interested companies in navigating the U.S. Market.

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Program benefits

Both in-person and virtual soft-landing programs are available to provide an opportunity for up to 2 staff at a time with 3 months at an office where they can "plug & play" and access facility amenities, such as the internet and conference rooms. During the 3-month period, participants can enjoy services that would typically be included for long-term members at a reduced fee.

Services Available

  • Education programs/training on various business topics
  • Access to mentors, advisors, or entrepreneurs-in-residence
  • Strategic partnerships or other special programs
  • Funding for particpants
  • Networking events
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Contact Info

Kimberly Govi