50th Anniversary - Garrett College

Celebrating 50 with Garrett College

Dr. Richard Midcap

Garrett College is commemorating 50 years of service to our community – and we hope you will be part of the celebration!

The 50th anniversary activities kicked off with the College’s 2021 virtual commencement on May 15th and conclude with GC’s 2022 Commencement exercises, when the College will recognize its 50th graduating class. In between, we will mark this important milestone with a series of special events. While there is a full calendar of events elsewhere on our 50th anniversary webpages, some of the highlights include:

  • Garrett College History Online Trivia Events (June through August 2021): Test your knowledge of GC trivia!
  • Time Capsule Opening (September 2021): The Garrett College Student Government Association will officially open the time capsule buried on campus in 1971. I can’t wait to see what students felt was most important to bury for future students to find.
  • Replacement Time Capsule (March 2021): The Garrett College Student Government Association will bury a new time capsule, to be opened in 2031.
  • GC 50th Anniversary Holiday Card (December 2021): The 50th-anniversary-themed card will be on display on the College website.
  • $50 CEWD classes (January-February 2022): To commemorate the 50th Anniversary, Continuing Education and Workforce Development (CEWD) will offer selected $50 CEWD classes.
  • 50th Anniversary Book Display (March 2022): Let’s see some of the most popular books from 50 years ago.
  • Garrett College Foundation Benefit (June 2022): This event will be a scholarship fundraiser.
  • Graduation of Garrett College’s 50th Class (May 2022): The College will have a special commencement speaker connected to GC’s 50th Anniversary.

We hope you will participate in these and other events planned to commemorate Garrett College’s 50th Anniversary!

Richard Midcap, Ed.D
President, Garrett College

Through the years

They said it: Community leaders comment on GC's place in the community

"Garrett College is much more than a college – it’s a place of community and excellence. Their dedication to students and county residents is evident in everything that they do, from providing free tuition to all county residents through the Garrett County Scholarship Program to hosting community events and more. I’d like to wish President Midcap and the rest of the Garrett College family a happy 50th anniversary and know that they will continue to change lives in the years to come."

--Congressman David Trone (MD-District 6)

"Garrett College is a great treasure for the citizens of Garrett County.  It provides an opportunity to gain an advanced education whether it be academic or vocational and is as good as you could get anywhere.  The College also provides other types of opportunities for community members via the modern facilities of the CARC, STEM Building, and soon-to-be-completed Performing Arts Center.
You will not find a better community college anywhere that has the programs and facilities that Garrett College has."

--Senator George C. Edwards (Maryland District 1)

"I grew up on the family farm less than two miles from the current location of Garrett College. I watched the birth of the college and witnessed its growth to what it has become today.
The college has offered higher education and adult education opportunities and advancement since its inception and continues to be a tremendous institution for our county and the region. I am proud that over the years I have been able to make valuable contributions to the advancement of educational opportunities and facilities expansion at Garrett College."

--Delegate Wendell Beitzel ((Maryland District 1A)

"Garrett College is a cornerstone institution of our county and it truly is a model for small rural colleges for providing meaningful and quality services to the community. Academically, I know several of my former students who were able to continue their postsecondary pursuits, whether it be credit bearing or vocational, at Garrett that would otherwise not have been able to obtain further education. Many of our county businesses have relied on the college to provide training specific to their industry or individual company. The facilities are second to none for any similar institution and provide for a multitude of community needs, such as recreational and sport, meeting space, local public school events including graduation and the arts fair, the health fair, and business incubation. It is the epitome of a true 'community' college."

--Commissioner Paul C. Edwards , Chair, GCBOC

"Garrett College had been critical to growing and improving Garrett County's economy, and developing and preparing its workforce for the future. The College is directly responsible for improved educational attainment, skill base improvements, increased individual earnings, and an improved quality of life for County residents. The College will have an increasingly important role in preparing the County's workforce for jobs of the future. A healthy, vibrant GC is absolutely critical to the County's future success."

--County Commissioner Jim Hinebaugh

"After years of service at small independent colleges known for their student-centered focus and engagement with their communities, I was pleased to find when I came to Garrett College as interim president in 2009 an even more pervasive commitment to those values. From its location at the geographic center of the County, the College serves learners of all ages and types, with faculty and staff among the most dedicated professionals I have known. The innovative County Scholarship makes academic or workplace degrees and certificates fully accessible. College facilities are a hub for community activities, from swimming at the CARC to conferences for entrepreneurs to Chatauqua on the lawn each summer. And the advent of the Performing Arts Center will fulfill a long-held community dream. I'm proud to have been a part of the first fifty years at GC and look forward to what comes next!"

--Dr. Jeanne Neff
10th President (Interim) of GC

"Our partnership with Garrett College has afforded our students with many opportunities that would not have been available without Garrett College.  From dual enrollment opportunities to the ‘College and Me’ & ‘I Can Swim!’ programs, the youth of Garrett County have truly benefited from our work with Garrett College.  This mutually beneficial partnership has continued to grow over time, and it is my hope that we can continue to find new ways for GCPS to work with Garrett College."

--Ms. Barbara Baker , Superintendent of GCPS